I love homes that mix antique wood pieces within a modern setting. Whether it’s a set of antique doors , antique furniture , antique beams,

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old reclaimed wood floors in a modern home, or the antique timber frame set within some part of a house. Old wood pieces just give a home warmth, character & a visual texture.

Our very good friends are putting their fabulous home ,from the hills of Austin,
on the market.
The 4.17 acre property consists of a new modern main house, built using an antique barn as part of the framing:

.. an original homestead rock guesthouse:

….and a pool within a serene setting:
(if you click on the photo, you’ll see a ridge of houses across the way… those houses are on my street..when we walk our dog down our street, we can see way over the canyon to their home..it’s a beautiful view)
The beautiful crystal clear Barton Creek rests in the canyons between our streets.

There’s also an extra large barn/workshop not pictured on their property.

The main modern house was constructed using the timber frame of an antique barn from the 1840’s. The frame, originally from a barn in Pennsylvania, was brought to our friends’ land, and reconstructed by Heritage Restorations.

Heritage Restorations buys old barns from all over , sells them, then they assist you with the reconstructing of the frame. Our friends’ home builder finished out the modernization of the home, after Heritage did the initial “barn raising”. The only antique feature of the home is the framing, the rest of the home is very modern.

Heritage Restorations has an amazing portfolio of homes that have been built, using their frames. Also, if you’re ever interested in their frames or wood pieces, they will ship and construct anywhere in the world!

Below are a few of my fave “reconstructed barns” from Heritage’s website:

If you’re interested in more pics or details about our friends’ Austin home, you can click HERE .

And if you’d love to peruse the Heritage Restorations site & photo gallery, click HERE.

Hope you’re having a beautiful weekend!

All the best,

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