We’re havin’ a party!!

Kate from Centsational Girl has invited me to join her fun blog party, via Studio Ten 25.
To join the party, you have to post pics of “where you blog”. Here’s where I’m sitting right now:

Things I cherish surround me. Plate art from my kids, whimsical art from Cleta.

I blogged about this home office a LONG time ago on my blog. Our house is a restored 1800’s farmhouse that Carl Rove & his family used to live in. Anyhoo….you’ll notice the office is actually sitting on what used to be a back porch to the house! Notice the porch railings?

Wicker baskets are drawer storage and file cabinets:Leading into the family room, from “old back porch”:

When sitting at the blogger chair, this family room is just to the left…….you can barely see the black shutter on the right of the pic:Actually the room above has evolved and that’s another post, another day. You’ll just have to be a “follower” and check back on that story! Just a visual on the ole house and how the family room addition is just beyond the blogger office.

Check out the blog party HERE.
jvw home is # 256!
You will love so many of the great entries!!

All the best,

p.s. remember to keep checking back for the “jvw barn” store (see older posts!)

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  1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, I do know those dog paintings – Scruffy! I love them and wish I could find out who that artist is. Love the colorful painting you have in this post. Have a great day and stay out of this heat!

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