Remember my last post about the Home Office? Today there is a great Groupon for the photo on canvas I mentioned. I emailed the Groupon to my client Jennifer, in a hurry while having my morning coffee, without really reading ALL the details. Like the size, for instance! To err is human right? Yes, decorator’s do make goofs once in awhile….it happens. Therefore we usually check and re-check again when doing anything involving measuring BEFORE ordering!
The Groupon is only for a 16″ x 20″ size canvas. Too small for the look I was presenting to Jennifer. She asked if she could use this coupon but print two of that size, different photos and hang the two above her proposed credenza.
I personally would prefer to see one large print vs. the 2 smaller size ones.

Her question led me to dig further on options of sizing for the photo canvas based on the proposed credenza size. In my last post I suggested a bold canvas size of 40″ x 60″, which is fun in the right print such as an iconic Italian beach scene photo.

However, if Jennifer prints a large canvas of her children photos , then a smaller size would be best. I would suggest going with the canvas company I mentioned in the last post, but using one of these sizes, and hang only one canvas horizontally:

a) 20″ x 30″
b) 24″x 36″

Both sizes would probably work and the price is so much better than the huge one I first suggested. The best way to know what size you should order, is to cut out large freezer paper templates in the given sizes. Tape each size up above your furniture piece and determine this way. If you are ordering new furniture to be placed under the art, then cut out a template with the freezer paper for the furniture piece also and lay on the ground. Next figure the size of your two lamps that will be placed on the credenza and eye it to determine the best size.

Also, after researching the mirrored credenza again, I noticed the “gulp” price tag of $ 3,500. Sorry, but for a home office, I want the chic look, but not the awful price.
I realized I had seen another version of this cabinet on Home Decorator’s Collection, for alot cheaper!
Check out the lesser priced version

and you can find it HERE for a much better price of $ 719, including FREE shipping.

Enjoy your day,


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  1. thx Rene!
    Doing well….will get back to the regular form of blogging once school starts….i've GOT to catch up my blog reading too….will be in touch…

  2. Jeanette- so glad to hear from you!! Miss talking to you and hope all is well. I have been having trouble with my email acct. I just saw messages for the first time.

    Rene' xo

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