The other day my husband left for work looking good  in overalls, a red plaid shirt & his farm work boots.  Another day at the VW Farm?  Well, not exactly….he was on his way to work, dressed as a “farmer” because the staff was going to also dress up for Halloween as farm animals. 
I started my day that morning by doing my usual daily task of checking Joss & Main and design blogs.  The farm look seemed to be all over  & especially on Joss & Main & with “farm” on the brain, I thought a blog post about it would be fun.
 But word from the wise Joss & Main shopper:  “if you likey, then buy asap, because the sales don’t last long , and they sell cute stuff fast!”.

Most of the items here are from one particular sale  called “Charlotte’s Web” and it’s ending soon, so jump off my blog right now and go check it out if you’ve gotta have something on this collage!   And if you don’t spot the item on that sale, then hunt the others, cuz all of these are from Joss:

After I spent my time creating the collage, then Joss added yet another farm type sale.  Here’s a few of the newest items that were posted:

And for those cozy nights by the farm fire,

And yes, it is now November (yikes!), which means the Christmas holidays are approaching at warp speed:

Christmas tree skirt:

And in farm news…..we’re finally settled again (after the 2nd remodel) .    I’m finally embracing living out in the country full time (and yeah, sometimes the commute is far & I used to complain just a wee about it) , but I can’t imagine being anywhere else now.  (unless it were the coast or the mountains 🙂  )
Our neighborhood is a great mix of  families that commute into the city,  to the true full time country cowboys raising  horses and cows, to rock n’ roll musicians , artists and  retirees.  We live in a gated area where the streets are wide and safe (great for exercising, horseback riding, etc.)…..where tractors pull the kids on Halloween night and the local fireman drive their firetrucks with Santa in December.

It’s our lil slice of heaven in Texas, and I’ll share more farm pics soon.

Gotta get out to the vegetable garden and enjoy the Fall weather.

Make it a great weekend,

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