VW Farm (last minute Thanksgiving DIY decor)

 Thought I’d share some DIY tips for last minute Thanksgiving decorating around your home.  (or Pin the ideas for next year :))  If you subscribe through Facebook then you’ll hopefully get this post the day BEFORE Thanksgiving…but I realize others via the RSS feeds will get this a bit late)

I’m also sharing some sites around the farm today,because it’s one of those gorgeous crisp, cool days with sunshine all around.

 One of our garden sheds that will soon evolve. We have plans for changing out the  door , adding one a bit more interesting, and redoing the inside.

Our large agave that welcomes you at the gate with recycled garden glass on the top layer of the pot.

And another interesting succulent in the garden:

vegetable garden:

new cabbage and other goodies are hiding under sheets at the moment til the frost leaves…when they’re photo ready i’ll share some better bounty.

more random shots of fall:

Ok, so for you DIY’ers:  The first DIY is a super simple fall wreath.  So ez to make.

Start with a grapevine wreath.  Add some fall leaves but use the packaged kind.  They’re easier to use vs. the leaves out on your lawn.  They have more stems and are not as dried out, therefore you can push them into the grapevine easier.  I don’t even use a glue gun.  I just stuff them into the wreath. 

 Next I added a dried bunch of flowers that were purchased in this bundle.  I added it onto the wreath with florist’s wire and then also added in some dried mums.

EZ and ready to hang!

And one more DIY for the day:  homemade potpourri.  Great for Thanksgiving through Christmas because it incorporates pine cones, oranges, lemons, limes & Christmas tree branches. 
First start with a bowl of scented cinnamon pine cones.  You can find these at local hobby stores or make your own.  Make your own by buying or gathering your own cones and drop scented cinnamon oil on the cones.  Throw in some leftover Christmas tree branches or even cut rosemary would be great.

Next, cut up lemons, limes & oranges.  Place them on baking sheets and dry them, in the oven,  for 2 hours at 200 degrees.

After they dried, add to your pine cone bowl and arrange in a pretty way:

What are your plans for Thanksgiving?  We’re hosting  dinner here and spending today baking the desserts (and potpourri).  We’ve hosted a few dinners in the past few years and have learned to set the table early, cook dishes ahead, etc..  So today is the fun part of last minute decorating, cleaning and some cooking.  Excited to gather with my family and count our blessings. It’s been a hectic year with the plumbing leaks and 2nd part of the remodel.  We were putting up the Christmas tree last night and when a drop of water spilled it reminded us of the water leak we noticed the same time of the year last year!!  We couldn’t believe it had been a year since that whole awful mess began & now we’ve come full circle.  Our last Thanksgiving dinner we were always telling guests “watch out for the hole, we had a leak”, haha.  We had just discovered our first slab leak and the plumber had to jackhammer our Study the week before Thanksgiving.  Little did we know this one leak was the first of many that would later “sprout”!
We have so much to be grateful for this year, but one of them is our peaceful home we finally have along with good , totally new plumbing :).  Seriously, it’s just great to know that there’s peace around here and now to enjoy it tomorrow with those I love & a table of yummy food  makes me very, very happy and so very grateful.

I wish you and yours a blessed holiday & I want you to know I’m so grateful for YOU also.
YOU inspire me to now look at everything through the eye of a lens and YOU inspire me to write about it.  Maybe I’m not Hemingway & I don’t blog alot,  but I love to write when I have the time.  Having subscribers like you truly pushes me to blog more and so I thank you, and remember I’m always appreciative and grateful for YOU.

Much love and joy to you,

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