Today I’m giving a big shout to my new GF’s Kelly of Jax Does Design & Linda of The Lennoxx. They’ve each given me the stylish blogger award!

I’m thrilled and honored because it’s taken me forever to build my “followers” base & lately I’ve noticed I have more bloggy “fans”!
I’m so thrilled to be nominated by bloggers that I truly admire so much. Please click on their links above for fabulous reads.
Also, I appreciate each and every “follower”, and you inspire me to continue writing blog posts each week.

When you are given this “stylin’ blog” award, then you have to pay it forward and honor the rules:

  • Thank and link back to the person who awarded you.
  • Share 7 things about yourself. (i don’t know how to consolidate down to 7, so you’re getting 10 today)
  • Award to 10 great bloggers.
  • Contact those bloggers and tell them about the award.

10 things you may/may not want to know about moi:

1) God is numero uno in my life. Took many years to grow up , wake up to this & “get it”. I give each day to prayer , and sometimes that’s many times within ONE day ! I highly believe in the power of prayer, where two or more are praying together.
I always call on a good friend , do online prayer requests and call my wonderful Mom when I need extra prayer help in my life. Beautiful how it works like a symphony.
I’ve learned to be patient with the process and answers to prayers. Ya, way easier said than done sometimes. He’s made me wait years sometimes, but once it happens, you’ll understand His timing.
Please feel free to email me anytime you need more prayer help too.

2) Married with children: I’ve known my husband since 7th grade.
We both were married once before. I brought 2 kids to the marriage and together we have a son.

3) I support the Glimmer of Hope Foundation, started by our friends and a wonderful organization.

4) Favorite Flowers: peonies , daisies , hydrangeas & roses

oh yeah and rainbow roses, pure confection:
5) My ideal day is being at the coast with family , then later eating a fresh seafood meal , sharing good vino, laughing, catching up on life!
(the lady above is no relation….but I adore her simplistic coastal table down in Port Aransas)

6) What I’m working on right now: redoing my husband’s outdated website & tweeking my own; pet bed design & branding,

real estate courses (Lord help me here), and reorganizing my house(taking the next 2 months off of interior design work for this reason) You have to find balance somewhere right, or go stir rat crazy!!

7) Fave places to travel:

I LOVE the Bahamas & it’s crystal clear waters:
and Italy for their charming farmhouses & beautiful landscapes:
I really dream to share Europe travels with my family in the future, staying in countryside villas.

8) I’m sure we’ll move again because we’ve always flipped houses. I do know that when we do, it will be “move-in ready” and not need a full remodel. If it’s not brand new, then I’ll do only minor changes: new paint , new furniture, but we’re talking NO major “knock down the walls” remodeling…..fineto! Trust me, if you’re young, take it from a seasoned remodeler: it’s ALWAYS more than you calculate. (and ESPECIALLY with older homes!!)

9) Signature drink: Moscato d’asti. But I also love champagne or Chianti
… or good ole Southern sweet tea…
…. maybe a Pellegrino:
If it’s a mexican soiree, then it’s a mexican martini:
If it’s a Bahamian vacation, it’s a good ole rum drink:

But I also believe you have to be responsible . Don’t drink and drive.

…and last but not least , and because I said I’d stop at 10 things…

10) We just might move to the coast one day.
So, enough about me. Now what I would LOVE to do, is share some of my fave 10 blogs and I hope that once I pass the baton that yall will let me know 10 things about you too!
Now IF you’re not on this list (because I subscribe to many blogs), then please don’t get your feelings hurt. Cuz if I’ve commented on your blog, then you already know I love ya & you probably have umpteen followers! Most of yall know about the fab Cote de Texas, Pure Style Home, Velvet and Linen, The Lennoxx, and Jax Decor already, so they don’t need introduction….but if you’ve been down under, then click on their links too cuz they’re FAB!!
I’m giving you my list of ten+ blogs that you may not already know about, but I feel you should get to know. Today I’m honoring them with the “STYLISH BLOG AWARD”!

So, drum roll!!!

1) The Polished Pebble
2) Bargain Hoots
3) Lysa Terkhurst
4) Sacramento Street
5) Hill Country House
6) August Fields
7) Honey and Fizz
8) Color Sizzle
9) Live Your Style
10) Everything Turquoise
11) Marley and Lockyer
12) Simplified Bee

(and the reason I said 10+ blogs is because I just couldn’t stop at 10 and I’m sure I’ll keep editing/adding….I love so many of yall’s blogs)

Ladies please read the rules at the top of the post to accept this award and know you’re a fabulous lady & writer!!

My awarders Kelley and Linda have given me big girl shoes to fill, so I’ll work on some new and juicy new posts in 2011.

Make it a great new week & I hope to inspire you with interesting design next time and not too much “blah blah” about me.

All the best,

Images via:
Chateau de Lu, Casa Principessa, Villas in Bahamas, Coastal Living, Yahoo Images

Clementson Photography

19 thoughts on “STYLISH BLOG AWARD!!”

  1. Thank you so much for passing the award on to Everything Turquoise!! It means a lot to me!!

    I really enjoyed your list, and especially the photos going along with it! The last pic is one of my all-time favorites!

  2. Hi Kelley!
    Can't wait to see your list…believe me, it's hard to make that list….after i finished mine i realized i should've said this/that instead….it will kinda drive ya nuts!

  3. Dear Kelly @ Color Sizzle:

    You're welcome! Love your blog and glad we've linked up….check out Lysa's blog when you have time….she has great inspirational posts & was just on the 700 Club the other day.
    Have a great day,

  4. Hello, Jeanette!

    It's so nice to meet you! Loving your blog! You're doing a tremendous job!

    I hope to see you often at HomeBunch!

    Btw, there's so many girls from Texas coming to my blog! You guys are so friendly! I love that! 🙂


    Luciane at

  5. Hi Cristin!
    You know it's SO hard to list a short list about yourself (especially us creative types LOL)
    and then after you whittle down the list, then you think, "did they really want those silly facts?? Oh, I should've written this or that instead!" Oh well!

    p.s. Re: your organizational post: I have tuna cans cleaned out and ready to tackle my desk drawer….this week sometime!!

  6. Jeanette, a wonderful site you have!! Plus I have already learned more about you!!

    Be sure to come and enter my Gorgeous Giveaway from Blydesign……


    Art by Karena

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