Texas Farmhouse Sneak Peek & Updates

Here’s a lil sneak peek into our farm that we’ve been updating for a few years now.  Christin was here this past Saturday helping me on an installation for a new Lakeway project and  before we went to the installation, Christin took some pics of the farm.   We plan on shooting alot more pics in the coming months when we have more time but thought it would be nice to show you a sampling.   
 I just haven’t had the time lately  to catch up and blog about design, the farm, etc,  but I hope to share more projects soon when time allows.   
In other news we purchased a vacation home in Buena Vista, Colorado and have been fixing it up.


 Really excited to share all the interior details with you soon!
And kudos to my hubby…he recently built a closet/dressing room for me while Christin and I were at the installation.  We have been sharing one closet but things were getting tight and clothes couldn’t breathe!  I’m really lovin’ my new closet and the fact that he created it.  He had to build alot of Ikea cabinets and you know how much fun Ikea stuff can be to build right?  Oh ya…..
We will share pics soon of the space.  (think lots of white, vintage chairs, mirrors, vanity)   We utilized my old home office space and turned the majority of it into my closet.  My goal in 2015 is to move my office out of the house and so most of my office stuff is in storage until we figure it all out.  
Next I plan on returning the love by making his closet a true manly closet (think warm smokey browns with industrial lighting and organized!)  
For those of you that are signed up for E-Design, thanks for your patience while we get each one finished before the end of this year.  We won’t be taking on any new E-Design projects for 2015 until we post a new date.  We need the time off for awhile to work on our new office goals for 2015 and finish up loose ends of the current year. 
Thanks as always for following our journey in design!,

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  1. Love everything about the farmhouse! Could you share the paint colors you used on the interior and exterior, when you have time? 🙂

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