Sundays on the Farm

Sundays around here always involve some type of cooking….if it’s a great summer day, then it’s all about the bbq by the pool.  If it’s a cozy Fall day, then it’s all about something simmering on the stove all day.  Today is one of those Fall days. So, I’ll be sharing a great recipe for a delicious Broccoli Cheese soup.

I know y’all like to see pics from around the house and it’s still a “work in progress”, so mini pics until I get better ones.

The lil vignette above is in my kitchen ,(ya, I know, some of the trim boards need to be painted still:) )….the EZ ticking stripe curtains I made the other day and that will be another tutorial this week.  Above this vignette is a vintage picture I’ve had forever.

You can just feel the love that shows between this man and this boy…and the heart of any kitchen should be love, right?

Our Sundays usually have at least one pot of soup going but today we had actually two.   Yesterday we made a yummy potato soup and then today started on the Broccoli Cheese soup.  (I will feature the Potato Soup another day if you likey)

 For the broccoli soup, here’s our family recipe :

 Proud of my “peppa” in that picture….it’s a beauty from our vegetable garden, and there’s nothing like enjoying food straight from your garden.

And here’s the goodness you’ll create!

Perfect for a cozy Fall day….

Bon Appetit!

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  1. Sounds delicious! So many recipes call for Cream of Chicken or Mushroom and my husband will. not. eat. it! I think he'd like this one. Thanks. 🙂

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