One of my clients was tired of her sofa & wanted something new.
    She found this gorgeous sectional at Decorum and changed up her living room:
The sectional is alot larger in scale than her previous sofa and so now we needed a long sofa table but skinny in depth because the Dining Area is just next to it.  She went with this beautiful aged grey wood table from Luxe Decor:

For a few days I gathered stuff  to decorate the new table and then arrived with multiple bags and boxes, days later. 
Any stylist/designer knows to go into a styling project with a ton of stuff and then have options to choose from. I try my hardest to map out in a drawing what I’ll do…but having some extras always helps cuz I honestly have to just play with the balance and scale of everything else in the room… sometimes you tend to add/delete items when you’re in the actual space.   Also, sometimes I’ll grab something the client has in another area and move things around a bit.  I have always had the nicest clients that let me just do what I want, with what they have, or the shopping part.   Luckily with this installation, I ended up just returning a few items :).  Cuz we all hate returning things right?
Probably my most fave item I found was this gorgeous very heavy crystal lamp.  

Other fave lil pieces I’ve added in the other part of the room:
One of my “trade only” items we can order is this wood finial.  It’s a large, tall, heavy piece and beautifully carved aged grey wood from Kalalou below.  Blue porcelain remains classic in interiors and I have this thing for any gorgeous stones or rocks in a home such as the agate bookends from ZGallerie:

Like what you see?  If you want to see more of this beautiful lakeview home for sale, then click this link HERE.   My client has changed up some of her styling in the kitchen since the real estate pics were taken too.  It’s a great home in the beautiful Lakeway area,  top rated Lake Travis School District and has an amazing lake view plus a tennis court below.  You can also keep your golf cart in the garage and mosey over to the various golf courses in the area.
I’m really working on the regularity of blogging.  I dropped the ball for months and just didn’t feel like writing.  I stay active the most on our IG or FB pages because we’re always short on time.  A quick snapshot here and there is well, EASY.  But I know that there are some of yall that have asked about more blog posting and I appreciate it because I really didn’t know that many people read them.  Rachel and I are going to work on a system where one of us regularly writes about design and what we’re up to….and in the coming months we’re working to get some photos of recent projects.  Our website/portfolio  is way over due for updating as well.   All of this takes time but we’ll get there!
Cheers to the weekend,

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2 thoughts on “STYLING A SOFA TABLE”

  1. I was happy to see your post in my inbox this morning. I always stop and read your posts. Glad that you are going to be posting more often. Thank you for making the effort to add this to your already busy life.

  2. Dear Pam,
    I really appreciate you taking the time to say this! Cuz I never know who's really reading the blogs. I follow alot of blogs but don't always comment myself, so i understand! But knowing that you enjoy them truly gives me motivation to continue writing more. Thanks so much for making my day and I hope to inspire you and others more with future blog posts.
    Have a beautiful week and take care,

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