The stockings are now all hung by the chimney with care,
but here’s a history of how they were created that I wanted to share.  
Our previous Pottery Barn stockings had seen better days, the velvet was starting to fade and I was tired of  the colors , hunter green and burgundy.  Plus this Christmas, we have a new addition to our family: Bridget.  Bridget is Billy’s fiancee.  So, I decided it was time to create a new arrangement of stockings including Bridget into the family.  I had linen fabric stored away from previous projects, along with some lace I’ve had for years, and found a stocking pattern you can download on the internet.


 Next I gathered an assortment of brooches I inherited from my Mother-in-law Molly to embellish the stockings, along with some ribbon:

 I ended up using just the French ticking stripe ribbon for the hooks, and nixed the turquoise velvet.  The insides of the stockings are a plush , “soft as a baby’s blankie” fleece fabric.  And here’s what “Mrs. Claus” came up with:

(you can always click on photos to enlarge the detail)

I’m thinking of adding some satin small ribbons to the brooches, but that will be next year!  It’s Christmas Eve and this sled needs to get into high gear!

From JVW HOME  to yours,
we wish you a very Merry  Christmas filled with lots of love, family  &  many blessings,

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