Stalking a Modern Beach Cottage

We just got back from a great beach weekend in Port Aransas, Texas.  Next time I’ll take more pics to share of other great beach homes, but wanted to share one of my faves.  This white modern cottage was recently built and always has my curiousity.  (bad photos I know….but I was stalking the house from my car.. click on photos to get a good stalking view point!)

But notice the great details :
– the succulents with boxwood topiaries
-the horizontal run of the privacy  fence (inside the picket fence)
-all white palette
-picket fence cut back on the corner of the lot to show plantings in front
-groupings of plants vs. all cluttered miscellaneous types
-modern sculpture piece
-linear, modern house numbers

Even the alley driveway looks great.
– the planters with boxwoods
-mini down lights above planters, in dark iron….at night these are very cool

Can you imagine what the interiors must look like?  I’m sure it’s just as fabulous as the exterior.  

And speaking  of “stallking”….look at the beautiful corn stalks we saw driving home.  As you leave Port Aransas, back to Austin, there’s an area of turbine  wind generators that tower beautifully over the gorgeous corn fields.   (click on the pics to view them larger…they look alot better this way)

Are you stalking a fave home?  Share your pics ….would love to know what stirs your curiousity on the streets of your town!

Speaking of homes….remember we have our home for sale?  Well, thought we had a contract while at the beach, but it fell through.  But we’re hopeful because a family that has been interested in our home might have a buyer on their home, so they’re considering.  But I know how real estate goes, so remember to blog about our house sale and you can receive free E-Design.  (see my previous posts for details…)

All the best,

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  1. Mary Ann you need some pickets for sure! Maybe even a headboard made out of pickets if you can't have the full deal outside!

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