As 2011 winds down, I wanted to share some images full of sparkle, but also thank you for following this blog this year.   You are the “spark” that encourages me to write and so I’m thankful for you.


 Goals for 2012 should include adding some orange to your decor , THE Pantone color of the year.  And living sparkly:

 In 2012, I hope you share  alot of this:

  I hope you add some sparkle to your rooms:

 Wear something fun this New Year’s:

 And always remember to spark up your  boudoir:

From our family to yours, I wish you a blessed New Year, full of love, happiness, peace and good health.
All the best,
p.s.  I hope in the New Year to figure out the ” new editor” on this blog.  Do any of you utilize the “new editor” on Blogger?  My text is all over the place, even though I tell it to “center”.  So bear with me as I learn the new editing version.  
A  goal of mine in 2012 is to finally hire an assistant again , part time.  IF you are computer & graphic or interior  design savvy, email me! 

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