Sneak Peek , Misty’s Redo

If you follow the blog, you know I was recently working on a fast turnaround remodel. I featured the story in TEN DAYS DOWN, in case you missed it. Be sure to check it out to see how we transformed a local Austin home from a “Southwest” look to an updated “modern rustic chic” look.

Last week I started “dressing” the house and I’ll show you a peek of the new elements in the room.

One of my fave parts of my job is shopping for a client. The next fave part is the installation day.
I make the clients leave the house for a few hours and then they come back to a fun makeover surprise.

You’ll notice when I shop for clients I like to hunt at Marshalls, Home Goods, Pier 1, etc. for the accessorizing. I always go to a high end designer store first to get key pieces for a room. Then after getting those “designer” pieces, I’ll hunt through my local budget friendly stores for other accessories. When I say “designer pieces” I basically mean one of a kind accessories , antiques, or high end pieces for a room. The client and I usually share a ton of emails back/forth to share ideas, and alot of times we’ll order accessories/furnishings online too. Online shopping makes a Decorator’s job so much more ez these days.

The designer pieces I chose for Misty’s redo are the antique aqua Carboy jug, also called a Demijohn, and the 3 tall candlesticks in the background:

(notice the brand new rock hearth/ fireplace! ck out the old fireplace HERE)

The antique rustic and chippy jug I filled with dried flowers:
(today less is more… more ” overly stuffed” silk flower arrangements)

An antique iron gate with a beautiful patina:(I’ll show you in a later post what we did with this beautiful iron piece.)

All of these pieces came from REVIVAL. If you live in Austin, you need to check out this fun store. The owners Tara and David Camp are always stocking it with amazing finds. They also have a Facebook page with updates of their shipments.

So, here you get a glimpse on the first installation day:

(remember you can always click on photos to enlarge the photo!)

We’re not quite finished, but next week I’ll post more pictures.

Have a great day,

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