Smokey Plum in My Master Bath (and other settings)

Recently I told you about Pantone’s color of the year, Wild Orchid.  Sherwin Williams has also announced their paint color of the year and it’s in the same family but not so wild and vibrant.   It’s a rich deep grey/purple  version called Smokey Plum:

 A very romantic color but a color that has to be used wisely.  For instance,   if you saturate a room with this color, then it’s best to keep the rest of your interiors all in white or off white, so it doesn’t feel too heavy:

 Behr also makes a couple of  beautiful shades of this plum :

Spiced Plum or Plum Frost.

I love how just a tad of this color was used in this guest bunkroom against smokey grey walls:

Just a dash of this tone in these interiors is nice:

I love it when used as an accent in white rooms:

And I love the romance of plum in a Springtime dress:

 Beautiful for a table in varying shades of plum:

And when mixed with this palette it’s always right:


 Plum is also a beautiful shade for a wedding:

 I’ve incorporated a tad of plum in our master bathroom.
I started adding more amethyst/smokey plums into our bathroom when I found this antique chandelier last year at Round Top:

 It’s a shade I love to wear, but can only use in a very small dose in my home.  We have alot of amethyst crystals around the house (my birthstone):

 I even incorporated a base paint of a smokey plum onto our antique mirror, then glazed over it:

 And it all started with our bathroom vanity which is more of a greige wash, but I feel it has a smokey plum undertone to the paint also:

What do you think of Sherwin’s choice of the year? And is this a type of color you’ve used in your decor too?

Happy new year my friends!,

All photos are via Pinterest , Elle, Sherwin Williams, Behr, Strictly Weddings;  except the last 6 images  are via  Van Wicklen Design.

10 thoughts on “Smokey Plum in My Master Bath (and other settings)”

  1. I honestly don't thick that I have a single purple thing in my home but this post has me wanting to change that! I don't think I could go for big doses of purple (like wall color) but love the small purple accents in your bathroom. And it looks beautiful with the other colors in that picture of the painted lines!

  2. What brand and color is the blue is the palette picture? I LOVE it and plan on painting my powder bath that color scheme this weekend 🙂

  3. HI! I love the purples in your post, but I REALLY love the teal and grey stripes in the picture with the paint brushes. What colors are those? Thanks!!

  4. Island Girl,
    I don't have the names of that particular palette unfortunately.
    However, if you take the pic to your local paint store, they can easily match some colors to all.
    If you need further help, I also do an EDesign paint consultation where I can locate paint colors for you.
    Have a great day,

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