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 The “jvw home” shop in Marble Falls is now open!  Here’s a sneak peek into the booth as you enter the antique mall:

and inside the booth on one wall:

 We are located at Chique, Unique & Antique in Marble Falls, Texas.  If you spy anything in the pictures you’d like, please give the sweet ladies there a call and they’ll be happy to help you.  Here’s a link to their store with locale & contact information:

We’re not quite finished  because there’s loads of more inventory, but it will trickle in within the coming weeks.   We have truly a mix of the old & new.  “Like” our Facebook page for updates &  pictures of  our inventory each week, as well as my fave finds within the mall too.

 I know, my space is  a bit cluttered already :).    But hey, this isn’t a house I’m styling!  When you set up any retail store or antique booth, the more the merrier on the content my friends.   So, yes, you’ll hopefully see my booth cluttered so that I can show you all kinds of fun home decor & not just a few things.   When I decorate a home I tend to edit furnishings alot more so that it’s a bit more serene and simplified.

   Here’s my advice if you come for a visit to the store, or ANY antique mall hunt.  Don’t ever go in a rush.  You truly need to eye each booth, walk INTO it and see every little thing they have because they ARE cluttered and you want to see every detail in someone’s retail space.  Some of my best finds have been scored in antique malls or booths where items  have been hiding behind something , on the floor or just in a spot that you don’t see unless you go into the booth and investigate.  Last week,  my husband spotted a few things for us in the store , in other vendors’ booths that I had missed cuz I breezed by them myself!  (as if we need more stuff right? 🙂  )

 The walls to the space were already painted turquoise, which of course I love, but I didn’t want it everywhere.  So, we tacked some painter’s tarps on one of the walls to tone it down a bit.

The turquoise wall color is hard to photograph though and so this side of the room seems a bit dark, although it’s not in person because it has a storefront picture window.   Hoping to get Christin to photograph the booth soon, so that you can see much better photos of the space and contents.
We have a cute window seat that I’ll fluff better soon  and fill with varying pillows.

 Feeling the love as we enter the romantico month of February…….

(twinkly heart garlands)

Love your HOME?  We’ve got burlap pillows with the love of the Lone Star State.  But you can order these with any state symbol and change up the state color.  

 Funky signs will always  be in the shop….

 … as well as a  mix of art…

  ….bundles of fresh aromatic lavender…

 …and pillows with pops of color….

If you’re ever in the Marble Falls area, I hope you’ll check out Chique, Unique & Antique.    You’ll find a treasure trove and you’ll be welcomed by one of these sweet owners, Gayle, Sarah & Donna:

Now, time to concentrate on my Super Bowl cookin’ for my guys, and get ready for the best commercials (oh ya, and football 🙂  )   Not sure what to make for the game?  Check out these great recipes & links  if you need some inspiration :

Ree’s “Spicy Whiskey BBQ Sliders”
Kelley’s ” Hall of Flame Chicken Wings”  and “Blue Cheese Dressing”
Trisha’s Barbecued Pork Ribs
Trisha’s Easy Baked Beans

Have a fun Superbowl Sunday!


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