We are in the middle of moving mania this week and in the process of the sale of Harbor Hill. The farmhouse we’re moving to is in full swing with the remodel process, and we thought it was time to give you some sneak peeks!  The “farm” as we affectionately call it, is not move-in ready just yet, so in the mean time we will be living in a vacation rental home on the lake.

Today it’s all about the ROCK. A few weeks ago we took out the tile floors of the pool bathroom and laundry area and installed a river rock floor.

The wood planking on the Pool Bathroom walls will be painted white and we’ll be adding the Martha Stewart vanity (shown below) in the Pool Bath too:

I actually love this vanity in person. The pic doesn’t do it justice.  I was surprised at the quality of the sink, counter and the faucet. Erin from  HOUSE OF TURQUOISE, recently posted this very cool bathroom by Caccoma Interiors, which was puuuurrrfect timing for this rock post:

My laundry room, just off the pool bathroom will have a lighter shade of turquoise on the cabinets, called SW Waterscape, along with the river rock floor. Here’s another room accentuated by a fabulous river rock floor, created by designer Stephen Shubel:

We’ve also been working on the fireplaces at the farm…Here we are viewing the property the first day, and then the new rocked version below (click to enlarge photos):

My husband really wanted the rock, but it is absolutely beautiful in person and has a lot of little hidden crystals that I love.  We call it “rubble rock” around here and it’s actually one of the least expensive rocks. Definitely worth the look if you are in the market for rock!

Outdoors in the vegetable garden, we’re removing the old rotten cedar and putting in rock borders instead.

And in other (much more adorable) news,  my first grandson Tatum was born July 17th. Yep, I’m officially a Grandma! Hard to believe when I still feel like, well say 40! Ha! But he is truly a gift from above and we’re over the moon in love with him.

Looking forward to rockin’ that sweet baby boy at the farmhouse soon. We’ll be giving you updates on the farmhouse, after we get settled in our temporary home at the lake.  Hope to move into the Farm in September…fingers crossed! A LOT of rockin’ remodeling fun has been happening there, I just never have enough time to write about it all.  But stay tuned….Until then hope you’re having a great summer!

7 thoughts on “ROCKIN’ THE FARMHOUSE”

  1. Love all that you are doing, particularly the vanity…where is it from? But, most importantly, love the new grandbaby…enjoy!

  2. I love the "rubble rock" fireplace so much!!! But if you don’t have vaulted ceilings and just standard 9ft ceilings do you think it’s a bad idea? And most importantly congratulations on your beautiful grandbaby!



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