Radiant Orchid – 2014 color of the year

Pantone has chosen “Radiant Orchid” as their 2014 color of the year.

I think it’s a great color to wear and looks great when mixed with turquoise:
and looks very chic for a Spring outfit, monotoned…
Small doses of this bold punch of color are best and  I love mixing it with navy’s,  aquas  and browns.
Remember the girls’ bedroom of the Patterson project?  I loved using this color on some of the pillows on this bed, mixing it with fuschia, navy, yellows, turquoise and orange:
 and we used this color on the vanity chair of the girls’ bathroom too:
Here’s some of my fave interiors & pieces of furniture with this luscious color in variations:

Duralee has some great  fabrics with this color as well:

What are your thoughts?  Do you like the new color and if so, what room would you use it?

p.s. check out Erin’s amazing collection of Radiant Orchid pics on her House of Turquoise post today, by clicking HERE

6 thoughts on “Radiant Orchid – 2014 color of the year”

  1. Sabrina I'm not sure of the name of that fabric..but you can go to the Duralee site and possibly find thru their search box….let me know if you can't access it and I'll hunt!

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