Ok, so most of y’all know I’m the greatest fan to my son’s Austin band, CROWDED HILL. Today, they posted a new video of one of their latest songs, “Queen of Mystery”. My son, Billy Shoemaker, Jr., (affectionately called “TIGER”) is the singer/songwriter while Cale Kniffin rocks the lead guitar, Jack Dennison swoons the bass, and “Tiny” orchestrates the drums. (sometimes Billy’s cousin Hans will play the drums too).

Tiger is amazing how quickly he can whip out songs about his life. After a day on the lake,(Tiger & Bridget Walker)

we all came back to the house for a birthday dinner for Bridget:

We later sat around the piano and listened to 3 new songs Tiger had just created, that are beautiful. I can’t wait to share those when they master the songs. ( the band hasn’t even heard these new creations yet)

Watch the video to the end, cuz it’s all good & I’d love to know what you think!! Better yet, join CROWDED HILL on Facebook because they’re about to release more videos soon.

Without further ado….I give you: CROWDED HILL.


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