PREPPY & PRETTY (with pinks & blues)

I am happy to report that Jeanette’s moving mania is finally over, well the first part! (everything is in storage except the furniture) All the storage stuff will be the next move, happening early September. In the mean time she is getting settled  in her temporary “casa” while the construction is still going on at the farmhouse.  The “casa”  is a beautiful lakehouse on Lake Travis with an AHmazing view:
Let’s just say Jeanette’s loving it here and is going to have a hard time leaving this heavenly setting.  Might warrant a search for some lakefront property again!? But,  I personally can’t wait to share the new farmhouse, transformed,  and we promise to post more pics as soon as possible.
In other news, we are currently working on a fabulous large-scale project, we’ll call the Patterson Project.  We’re starting to select all the bedroom interiors and today I’m featuring some ideas we’re thinking about for the girls’ room.  Classic navy and white will be modern and fun with a dash of pink, turquoise, and green accents. 
One of the biggest mistakes people make when designing for a young boy or girl is using the “bed-in-a-bag” mentality and creating a space that is appropriate for the here-and-now, but may not work 5 years from now.  We wanted to design a space that is both functional and age appropriate for a young girl, while at the same time utilizing furniture and colors that will truly grow with her.  We know our client’s daughter will feel preppy and pretty in her new room.  
Here are some of the design elements for the space: (Click to enlarge)

Here is a list of resources for all of the items shown above (click on the links for more info):
1) Curtains (Will be custom but similar to this look)
2) Headboard (Will use a custom pink fabric)
5) Navy Floral & Ticking Stripe Pillows (Both available through the same Etsy shop)
10) Desk
13) Rug
First photo via Beach City Lifestyle blog from the store Indian Pink in Manhattan Beach, Ca.

Up next on the Patterson Project…the boys’ room!  Hope you all have a wonderful week!



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  1. thx rene…..this summer has been nuts…did we ever do the shower post?! i will come up for air soon and re-examine this….you helped soooo much….hope you're doing well too

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