Pictures of Our House – Part 4 (and a sneak peek into my latest project)

I’m finally posting the pics of the exterior.  December has truly swept me away, once again, with too many things I’d like to accomplish in each day.  Blogging just had to be on the back burner for a few days! 

….and some evening pics of the front:

 Pics of the rear exterior:

Our neighborhood has lake access to the Pedernales Arm of Lake Travis (that’s why we have a “Lakeside Country Club”)

The Vegetable Garden with the Garage/Garden Room/Man Cave Cottage

Our pole barn with party chandeliers, garden shed  and HUGE rainwater collection tanks (and some various “trailer trash” ) 
I’m not really sure if I’ll have a free day before Christmas to post all the pictures from my latest project, “the Lakeway project “;  the one we took pics of a couple of months ago.  If not, we’ll start the new year off , with all those photos.  Until that time, here’s a couple of fave pics from the project to keep you interested….notice, we’ll be featuring a lot of blue accents from this home, a hot color trend for 2016!  

From our home to yours, wishing you and yours a beautiful holiday season,

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5 thoughts on “Pictures of Our House – Part 4 (and a sneak peek into my latest project)”

  1. This house is absolutely beautiful. And, I really love the outdoor spaces, as well. Would you be able to share the color that your front door is painted? I love it! Thank you!

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