Pictures of Our House – Part 2 (Living/Dining/Library Office)

Today I’m featuring Part 2 of  our house pictures. As you’ll notice from eyeing the pictures, the openings behind the barn doors were once large windows and the Library/Office was once a back patio.  Where the large cased openings are, we originally had nice French doors.  We reused those doors in my Dressing Room (show you those in  Part 3 )
You’ll see the Entry just on the right background of the pic below.  We added this space from an existing porch.  The previous owners’ front door was the doorway you now see here that leads into the new Entry.  By doing this, it allowed not only a cozy Entry, but also gave us more Dining Room space.
If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I recently recovered our brown leather sectional.  My talented seamstress created the covers from painters dropcloths I bought on Amazon.  I can’t tell you how much cozier our Living Room feels with the white color and the softer feel of the canvas, vs the leather.  I’m a huge fan of slipcovers and have them all over our house.  Even the black leather chairs next to the Dining Room buffet have slipcovers on them.

 When we bought this home, we added the rustic cedar armoire just to the left of the fireplace below, and we rebuilt the fireplace.  The original fireplace had a traditional mantel with sheetrock above.  Our rock mason, created this beautiful fireplace by using what we call “rubble rock” in Austin.  It’s actually not a very expensive stone and has beautiful crystals in it.  Our neighborhood allows homeowners to have horses also, so we thought the horse pic above the mantel was appropo for our ‘hood.
On our Dining Room chandelier we added the personalized galvanized tin hearts and some crystals.   The hearts have 3 different things on them, “Love”, “VW” and “Home” but you can personalize them any way you like.
 The fixture is originally from Four Hands Home but I wanted to add some interest to the light fixture.  For the holidays you can always change out the hanging part….just makes a simple chandelier change into something different.

The stone walls that were originally part of the exterior of the house now became  cozy interior walls for the Library.  We added the lighting on the walls to warm it up a bit more also .

 We also repainted the cabinetry with a glazed finish and added the bench for seating and book storage.  Thinking of adding a cushion on top of the bench, made from more painter’s dropcloths.  The cabinets at each end of the Library were repurposed nightstands.  Our carpenter took the nightstands and added the “x” shelves above to create wine storage.
I also had a skirt made to hide all the ugly computer components under the desk area.

 Hope  you enjoyed the tour and I’ll post Part 3 tomorrow.

Happy holidays to you and yours,

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