Pictures Of Our House – Part 1 : Family Room, Kitchen, etc.


 Just had our house pictures taken and wanted to share.  We had them taken on the day just before Thanksgiving.  So I’d be in between the pumpkin orange decor and  the Christmas clutter :).
Today I’m just sharing a few pics and will continue with more posts later in the week.


Breakfast Area
Family Room off the Kitchen

 I’ve been meaning to take pics of our home to update my portfolio but also because we’ve toyed with the idea of building another home in the future.  When?  Well, we’ve just started looking at lots and pondering ideas.  2016?  2017?  Beyond?   Not sure just yet because we’re just  gathering info, etc..  Plus we’d love to find the ideal situation where someone buys our home (when we do sell) and allows us to lease back while we build our home)  The housing market is so crazy here and alot of buyers do buy early and don’t move until way later. So, this is the scenario that we’d hope for!  (versing selling and moving into a lease house while building)
We do love this house we’re in and it’s so family friendly cozy.  We’re located on 5 acres in one of the best school districts Austin, Tx. offers.  And believe me it’s rare to find 5 acre parcels of land in this school district with the Magnolia Homes feel, farm like and especially ones that are gated & horses allowed.  The property has alot to offer and we’ll share some exterior pics soon also.  For now, here’s a look at our veggie/flower  garden in the Spring.

Veggie Garden

So, why move?  Our goal once our youngest graduates in 2017, is to downsize just a bit so that we can “lock and leave” and spend more time at our Colorado cabin and do a few other endeavors.   I’m torn with the “wait until he graduates, then move” or “move now so that he gets to enjoy the new home his Senior year. ”  I prefer the latter because I want him to have “his room” to come home to from college but time and meetings will tell.

Steven and I always have fun creating a new canvas also, so it really would be another fun challenge for us.  What type of home will be the next one?  Well I love the modern farmhouse and I love the charm of a Spanish Colonial , Italian or French country home.  However, we really feel the modern farmhouse will work best for our needs and really love the design aesthetic of a certain builder we’ve been talking to.

Another Kitchen View

The view out the kitchen windows is really pretty with the many large trees , the gravel driveway and expansive yard.
Family Room/Kitchen
(the large reclaimed wood piece was once our kitchen island before we put the dining table IN the kitchen.  The kitchen works great either way.  We had barstools at the island when it was used in the kitchen.)

Loads of storage in the kitchen china cabinets.  All lower cabinets also have the pull out shelves which i love!



A coffee bar is in the lil nook to the right, Living Room beyond.

Coffee/Wine Bar
(oh, and beyond the kitchen you can see the Laundry Room)

Laundry Room (door leads out to the Mudroom)

Our fave commercial fridge. Have bought one 3 times in a row for 3 houses and plan on buying again.  They’re great for extra drinks ,leftovers and extra food items.

Just to the left of the commercial  fridge is one of our Powder Bathrooms:

Hope you enjoyed the first part of the tour and I’ll post more pics soon.

If you want to follow our vision for our future home,you can see my ideas on this Pinterest page.

Wishing you a great new week ahead full of Christmas joy, maybe some shopping and decorating fun.


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All pictures were taken by Travis Wayne Baker of Twist Tours.

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