My home design office has been a bit of a nightmare since moving. I’m now working on organizing the interior of the office, and figuring out what color I want to “work with” on the walls. Picking a color for a design office, is a huge task.

Out of all the colors I research each week, what color do I really want to stare at each day, from my desk? I prefer a stark white design office , but it just doesn’t work in this house for many reasons. So, instead of disliking my creamy white trim (came with the house), I decided to embrace it.

I had to have some color in my office though.
My inspiration for the wall color came from different areas: my favorite colors, the main fabric going into the room & a wild peacock
I hear just outside the office window each day.

Now, when I was thinking of a stark white trim, I had envisioned a rich deep blue wall with one of these fabrics as an accent:IMAN’S IKAT


But both of those options look great with a stark white trim, not a cream trim. So, I had to find something that works with a cream trim and coordinates with the rest of the decor going on elsewhere in my house. I had to tone it down a bit.

Kravet’s Ikat linen fabric is a rich blend of mochas, teals, kelly green and cream. (Actually looks better in person, than this image.)

I decided to upholster some chairs with this fabric and bring them into the office.
I had two sweet old French chairs, once loved in leopard , and decided to give them an extreme makeover with the Kravet fabric.
I ordered 2 antique French burlap sacks. I wanted these on the backs of the chairs since it’s not comfy fabric. But the texture would be a great accent.
Before heading to the upholsterer, the chairs were painted Navajo White and aged with a tea stain glaze.

They came home one day with their new reveal:

I decided to try a bunch of coordinating colors for my design office because I have a beveled ceiling and might add a contrasting color there, or on the door trim.

Up with the samples:

On the dark colored wall I’ll add curtains with a pop of a light fabric , such as one of these:

I’ll add more texture to the room with grass woven shades, behind the curtains:
So, which colors did I choose? I’ll give you a hint. One of them is inspired by my neighbor’s wild peacock. Stay tuned and I’ll let you know soon.

Oh, and did you notice my personal fan deck? This is a great way to store colors for future reference. Drill a hole at the end of paint stir sticks, then attach with either a zip tie or a burlap string. Paint each sample color on the end, write the paint name and or paint number, for ez reference later.

Do you have a home office? What color did you choose for your office, and what was your inspiration?

Let me know, would love to know how you color your world.

All the best,

3 thoughts on “PAINT & PEACOCK”

  1. Hi Jessie…thx for the comment.
    The paint is up, now have to wait on the curtains fabric and then off to the workroom! I'll keep you posted….
    hope you're doing well….

  2. Will you be sharing your paint colors soon?! 🙂 now that the office pictures are up I am extra curious… Love love love all the paint colors in your home.


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