I love the colors of this pillow we have in the jvw home shop. Fresh, crisp, perfect for the New Year!

Recently HGTV posted the fab Dream Home 2011, located in Stowe, Vermont.
The colors of the pillow were some of the colors they utilized for the interiors of the Dream Home.
Every HGTV just gets better and better, IMO. I adore the style of Linda Woodrum, the lead Designer, of all the HGTV Dream Homes. I love her design aesthetic because it’s classicly modern yet casual, and always with a touch of something rustic & a twist of industrial.
In the new Dream Home 2011 she uses alot of black furnishings & infuses traditional with lots of modern touches, such as the Master Bedroom here:

Just when you thought the High Boy dresser was out of style, Linda brings it back, painted black. Linda also makes it “modern” because of the surrounding details in the room.

Don’t you just love the rustic finish of the doors & the menswear fabric on the curtains?
Linda continues the black details into the Master Bathroom with a modern black soaking tub. Curtains are a great way to add privacy between a bedroom and a bathroom, when you really don’t need doors:
We used curtains on both sides of the dividing wall between our Master Bedroom and Bathroom below. Our Bathroom looks like the summer version of the HGTV photo above, with the same floors but white curtains , white bath, aqua paint:

One of my favorite rooms of the HGTV home is the kitchen area.
The black cabinetry is stunning, the beamed ceiling fabulous, the lighting details beautiful and the vent hood is a statement!:
We have a large family and I can definitely dream about hosting many great dinners here. Lately I’ve noticed the trend of modern office chairs around the dining table. It’s not my first choice for this room, but Linda makes it look industrially chic. Our family used to have board meetings for a family business, so the table and chairs would make us feel like old times!
Love the fridge:

If you read my last post about barstools, then you know I love the simple look of my black saddle seat counter stools, but need a more comfortable option. I’m really liking the black leather counter stools they used at the breakfast bar:
Today on Marcus Design, there’s a pic featuring white leather counter stools too:
Hmmm, both great options.
But I tell ya….I think for now my white wood stools will work (see previous post).
I do want to update mine eventually, but for now I’m wanting to use our dollars for a Spring Break vacation!

Back to the Dream Home……..
Another amazing room is the dorm style bathroom.
The camp style bathroom was the inspiration of the uber handsome & creative Jack Thomasson, house planner for HGTV.
Jack & Linda have the amazing opportunity to collaborate their brilliant brainstorming heads, & put together all the creative Dream Homes.

Notice again black details in the campy bathroom.

The triple vessel sinks, lighting & shower stalls give it a very industrial chic feel.

Each shower stall has a rain shower head and a regular spray head.
The potty stalls are large enough to be used for dressing areas too. Don’t you just love Jack’s idea here? He used ski trail signs of Stowe ski runs to embellish the potty door:
I’m also dreaming about family & friends getting together in the Dream Home’s Living Room:
Too many amazing details in this room, EVERY room. You’ll just have to take the tour HERE and check out the room and the entire house, if you haven’t already.
If you’re wanting the look of these pillows, check out our black & white pillows from jvw home :

Speaking of “Paint It Black”, one of my fave albums ever….I just finished reading the very colorful memoir of Keith Richards life as a Rolling Stone.
I loved it, because I’m a rocker girl at heart and a life long fan of The Rolling Stones. I grew up very young listening to the band, being the youngest of 6. We always had music playing on the turntable in the living room, in front of an extra large wall size, blue mirror. I would love to have that blue mirror today because I haven’t seen one since. My Mother gave it away when she redecorated in the 80’s!
The frameless mirror was a great shade of blue. Friends and I would stand in front of that mirror with the music playing , singing away.
We probably had every album of the Stones in our collection.

Love this photo of Keith Richards when the Rolling Stones were starting to make it big. The gorgeous Bentley pictured was built like a tank and held many colorful stories.
Although always a party animal, he remained true to his sweetheart & wife, model Patti Hansen (she still looks gorgeous):
Keith is the amazing songwriter behind most of the Stones songs. Together with Mick Jagger, they wrote the Paint It Black song. In the Life book, Keith talks about how fast & EZ he could write a song.
My son “Tiger” is the same way with music writing and it always amazes me:
Anyone know how I can promote Billy to be like a Stone one day?! Such is life in Austin. So many talented musicians here and it’s hard for them all to get noticed.
He’s got an amazing file of songs & reminds me of Train, John Mayer and Gavin De Graw all mixed together.

IMO, Keith Richards is still lookin’ good, even after all those party lines (those kind, and the lines on his face!):The New York Times has a great post about the Life by Keith Richards book. You can read about it HERE. I’d love to know if you read the book too.

Don’t forget to enter the HGTV giveaway HERE.…cuz you gotta keep dreamin’ & rock on……………….
Make it a great weekend!


Images via: Clementson Photography, Lauren Lesley Photography, Rolling Stone

9 thoughts on “PAINT IT BLACK”

  1. Thanks for sharing this info. I, too, love black accents. But I am drawn more to rooms like your master bedroom and bath…with the wood floors, white and aqua. After all, I live in coastal FL where lighter colors drawn in the sunshine…and makes me happy! (and it goes with my brightly colored art).

    I truly enjoy your blog…
    Jane (Artfully Graced)

  2. Jane,
    you made my day…..thanks for the kind comments…
    sometimes i wonder if my posts are truly appealing to others or not…cuz i see other blogs with 100s-1000s of followers! Don't know how long it took them to get that many followers, so I'm patient & it's therapy for me to write…
    I didn't know you lived in Florida! Love it there….My 2 sisters both have vacation places in Destin and we've been going there since the 80's….
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Not only is the HGTV dream home gorgeous, but Stowe is one of my very favourite places 🙂

    The designers of the dream home did an amazing job incorporating so many great colours and design ideas into the home. I might have to steal a few of them! Love the use of black, and that barn door is to die for!

    And speaking of to die for – your bathroom is gorgeous!

  4. Can't believe I forgot to comment on this wonderful post! AND how could I have missed this dream home? Thank you for keeping me up to date friend!

    And of course you had to be on my Stylish blogs list Jeanette! And now that we have established that we are both lipstick-wearing animal loving chickas, I'm looking forward to read your 7!

    Have a great weekend Jeanette!!

    xo Linda

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