Oui FiFi!

I’m thrilled to share our house painting by Fifi Flowers, as well as sharing her creative work .
Fifi featured my home and other house paintings on her blog post today…thank you Fifi for “une belle maison”!

Is your home special to you? Why not capture it on a painting? I wish I would’ve had Fifi paint every home I’ve lived in. Would’ve made a great wall collage!
Whether you’re living in your first starter home or your custom built dream home, a house painting will tell a story and be a conversation piece.
Look at these before/afters:

Fifi added more detail into my painting because I sent her several images to get a better view. Our purple passion vine had grown alot since I had sent her the first image & I asked her to add more vines onto the arbor to reflect the change. At one point, Fifi tried to capture our pets sitting on the porch and/or resting on the rock walls. Unfortunately we had to take them out of the painting because the setting is too small for them to look right within the proportion of the setting. In the other brick house pic above, Fifi painted a pet by the front yard. A pet looks much better in this larger type setting, or this one below:

You may love a certain angle (vignette) of your home, not necessarily the front…here’s a great example of an Italian courtyard before/after:

House paintings are a great remembrance but also a great heirloom to pass down in your family.
What about a Christmas gift? I think it’s a brilliant idea to photograph someone’s home, commission a 7″ x 7″ painting and give them a unique & heartfelt gift!
Fifi can also create greeting cards from your commissioned house painting….these would be very cute for your holiday cards!

I love how Fifi brings a colorful whimsy to each house, making each painting casual, warm & lighthearted.
Enjoy some of Fifi’s creative work:
Fifi captures all the details in a charming & whimsical form that is lighthearted, fun & casual.
Check out Fifi’s site for all her great work HERE. (including pet paintings…another GREAT Christmas gift idea!)

All the best, from my porch to yours,

3 thoughts on “Oui FiFi!”

  1. Kelley,
    You MUST do the Ojai rancher! Would be SO cute and you'd love it.
    The whole expanse in the front with the curved driveway would be adorable…
    but then how about the al fresco table
    amongst the vegetable garden? The Ojai lends itself to alot of great "vignettes" for Fifi's touch!

  2. Merci Merci Merci… I'm thrilled you like your painting!!! Once we decide about a wreath I will package it up and send it to YOU to ENJOY!

    Kelley… send the photos… I"m ready to paint for YOU too!!!


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