We’re about to start working on updating my husband’s dental website. Therefore, we knew the dental office needed some modern updates in the furnishings since the office photos would be on the new site. We made a few changes to the interior recently and would love to do more soon. The talented Katie Clementson of Clementson Photography will take the “pro” pics of the office for the revised website later this month. I’ll share his new site when her photos are finished & the website is revamped. Until then, just wanted to show you a small niche of how we made simple changes to the interior & how they can change a space.
New modern lighting, eliminating clutter & taking out alot of old silk greenery was a big start. Yes , it’s time to ditch all those dust lovin’ ivy and faux plants on top of your cabinets & everywhere else!
You know the ones… the type that REALLY look fake! Simple, uncluttered open spaces are in and space absorbing fake greenery out! Ok, I did replace with some greenery ….just in small amounts & new updated versions such as boxwoods ,natural dried greenery & a fake succulents from Crate & Barrel, like this:

and this:

I just mean it’s time to ditch some of those ivy types from Michaels & Hobby Lobby. The old versions of fake plants just don’t work with new ” modern urban”, ya know?
The tassled deep red “Tuscany” shades & silk protea floral arrangement were also great a few years ago, but needed a new modern change. Not to mention all that clutter needed to be off the table & the wall you see to the right:

By simply updating with modern lighting, new real plant & eliminating clutter, we made the space more current:

Love the green lamps…..and guess what the secret most wonderful resource is? Marshall’s! Sweet price and amazing look. (I think the price per lamp was a mere $ 34.99… gotta love it!)
The boxwood plant is great because it’s a real plant that is preserved but you spray it with water once a month ,to maintain the fresh green color. By eliminating clutter & taking down the right side wall art , we made the niche more “spa like”.
We’d still love to update this table or at least the base of the table. The iron and “bird cage” detail on the legs need to be updated with the new urban chic look, don’t you agree? I still like the top of the table because it’s a great neutral stone top, just not the legs. Anyone know an inexpensive fabricator in Austin, to make a new modern base? (one that doesn’t cost an arm & a “leg”!) (or one that will barter for dental work?!)

Love this new modern urban style from Loft in Austin:

We’re also waiting on a backordered tray for the table, from Crate and Barrel, and it might give the table just a tad more color & width to the middle space of the table (the photo looks large, but the tray measures 22″w x 11″d x 3.5″h):

The unique “Butari Tray” is organic & handcrafted in terra cotta , laminated with striking variegated banana bark veneer & is beautiful in person. The Butari Tray also has a coordinating vase, “Butari Vase”, that we used in another part of the office :

…each one is different because of the variegations. We’re thinking of having just the Butari tray in the middle of the console table with some modern green arrangement within the tray. Mario and Keith at Westbank Flowers are our floral design gurus and I’m sure they can think of something great. Succulents in a modern grouping or a green mossy arrangement? More boxwoods?
Again, check out those sweet lamps!!

Speaking of “re-dos”, I’m working with Natalie of Modern Sugar, to revamp my own website and blog. Once we get everything done, we’ll work on the revised dental site. I’ll keep you posted when all is complete!

Is your website a good representation of your style? All design, whether in the form of interiors, a website or fashion needs an update from time to time.

Tomorrow we’re heading out to Fredericksburg on a road trip.

While there we hope to stop in the RED store. Check out their website HERE cuz it looks like a great home furnishings store with a modern urban twist.

All the best ,Happy Halloween & Hook Em Horns!

Betsey , our “cat on a hot tin roof”


(images via jvw, Crate & Barrel, Cosmopolitan & Loft)

7 thoughts on “OFFICE REDO”

  1. I love what you did to up- date the office!!! Awesome Lamps and Mirror!!!
    Cute pic of your cat….
    Have a great weekend!!


  2. LOVE the mirror. I mean, SERIOUSLY love it! And the updated console table looks great – the lamps are perfect, and can't get much easier than a plant you spray once a month 🙂

    Thanks for visiting JAX does design. I'm having more giveaways in the next couple of weeks – hope you'll stop by and check them out 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing your new blog design 🙂


  3. Amazing redo, it's crazy how much so little can transform a space. I'd love to go to the dentist (even more than I already do) if the waiting room looked like that!

  4. Hi Jeanette,

    Thank you for your comments they encourage me. I added your little button to my side bar earlier today… it's very cute and I just love you and your design style. …Oh, and thank you for listing my blog on your sidebar…very sweet!


  5. Thx Lauren for writing today about the "Dreamin' of a Pink Christmas" post….
    I would love to have a pink decorated Christmas one yr….would be truly fun & different. Love your color choices adding the other colors!
    I wrote another post last Christmas with the kiwi & blues, ck it out for more ideas!
    Have a great day and thx for stopping by!

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