New Rugs & Valentine’s Art

Are you loving the new collection of rugs at Cost Plus/ World Market?  Great shades to bring you out of this wintry grey feeling right?  I like the new line of white slipcovered furniture also with a turquoise welt along with the Bohemian pillows.  Wouldn’t this look great in a beach cottage?  🙂  This is that time of the year when I’m truly getting tired of cold weather and need the sunshine and warm days.    The time of the year when I’m so ready to hit the coast!

I’ll be going to the coast soon, and truly can’t wait…counting the days to feel the coastal air and just the laid back calm of island life.  Going to the coast for me, is like a child landing at DisneyWorld!

(my Facebook collage )

Speaking of hearts….have you gotten creative this month and created something for those you love?    Here’s what’s in the works in my studio for some Valentine’s love .  Small canvas paper collages with a heart theme:

 Not sure how I’ll tweek them more or just leave them simple.  I’ve seen them before with a mini clothespin holding a small picture ….or I might add a trim or other type of embellishment:

I will search for the tutorial that I learned from .  At the moment I can not find what blog it came from…  But you basically use a Matte Medium for all your layers and as the glue.
Today on Cedar Hill Farmhouse is a cute Valentine’s canvas made with sweet details too:

Remember we still have  Valentine’s love at the shop in Marble Falls.  I’m hoping to get up there this week and re-stock my space within Chique, Unique and Antique.  But here’s some of the love stuff you can still find:

Sweet lavender filled sachets…

And I love this fairly light garland to hang over a girl’s mirror or headboard anytime of the year:

Remember you can always have anything shipped to you, if you don’t live in our area. 
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