Erin of HOUSE OF TURQUOISE has featured one of my projects on her posts the past couple of days. You can find the posts by clicking HERE.

In honor of Erin’s favorite color (and mine) I thought I’d share a new fabric book I just received from Kravet’s Windsor Smith collection. There are so many new fabrics in this book to love. But my fave one is the Riad pattern in a rich deep turquoise teal, named Aquatik.The color is similar to this gorgeous water I spotted recently on Inspired Design:

Don’t you just love that shade? Heavenly…..

There’s a coordinate fabric in a pattern called XU Garden in Aquatik as well:The pattern is very similar to the Archipelagos pattern of the pillow I’m giving away ,( see previous post):
However, XU GARDEN is a bit bolder; larger in scale.

There’s also a great shade of rich navy blue called INDIGO in the Riad pattern as well:

and the XU GARDEN:
Check out the great pictures of indigo rooms today on DRIVEN BY DECOR. Here’s a sampling of
Kris’ indigo vignettes:

Wouldn’t a room be great with a mix of navy , green & turquoise?

There’s also a kelly green in the book too:

Hope you’ll check out Erin’s amazing blog full of great turquoise love…..HOUSE OF TURQUOISE
A big shout out to Erin! I appreciate the feature so much, and so happy to have new subscribers!

And if you haven’t read about the linen pillow giveaway I’m hosting, then check out my older post. The giveaway ends Sunday , March 25th!

For all my H.O.T. followers, I’ll be sharing photos soon of my current home with touches of turquoise , teal and aqua palettes.

Stay tuned!

All the best,


4 thoughts on “NEW FABRICS”

  1. love those fabs!!!Sorry I've been MIA…things have been sooo busy!! I'm lovin' my new Grandbaby!!!!:)

    I'm excited for you that you were on the House of Turquoise!!! Beautiful post!!!!
    Rene xoxo

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