I can’t believe that I haven’t written a blog post since March!  I’ve been busy over the last few months and so I was mainly keeping readers up to date on Facebook or Instagram (cuz blogging just takes time!).  However, over the last month several people mentioned to me in various ways that they love following my blog;  really?!  I was honored to hear that really some of yall enjoy the blog even if you don’t always comment.  Thank you for inspiring me to write again, because I have so much news that I want to share with yall!  I’m giving you the fast version in this blog post and then I’m onto regular scheduling each week of blog posts (and yes, hold me accountable!)

Ok, first off, we’re buying a spec home built by Agave Custom Homes, pictured above, close to our existing neighborhood and selling our beloved Paleface Ranch home pictured below.

Why you ask?  Oh for many reasons, but short answer is that we’re downsizing so that we can take on more endeavors and have more free time in Colorado when we like.  We have a contract on the property and just received a back up offer on it today and so we’re excited!

I’ll be sharing updates on how we’d like to tweek our new spec home once we close on the property,

 cuz would love to turn the red brick into this “brick smear” look that Joanna Gaines created
on one of their episodes with red brick also:

In design studio news, I’m so excited to add the talented and beautiful Andrea McLaughlin of McLaughlin Interiors to the JVW HOME team.

 Andrea brings years of gorgeous design work to the table.  You can view her biography and portfolio on our JVW HOME website also.  Here’s a few of her great designs:

 Next off, JVW HOME is opening a design studio/showroom (after being in this biz for 17 years) in this commercial space.  We will mainly be an “appt. only” studio for our clients and designers.

However, we’ll host occasional days that we’ll be open to the public so that you can order fabrics, etc without having to drive all over Austin.

 Talk about a dream coming to fruition, finally!  God has HIS plan and just when I thought I might just go back to painting class and take more time off, HE pushes me into this endeavor , haha…you never know where life is going to take you.   Now, that I’m on this ride, it’s a fast track but the journey so far has brought me together with such nice people and I’m so excited to share with yall this new chapter!   We’ll be in this cute log cabin along with Direct Natural Stones (fabulous curated slabs of marbles, granites, etc.) and also Scout Goods and Design.  Together we’ll have a design collaborative of offering our clients wholesale pricing on fabrics, rugs, lighting, countertops, window treatments, bedding and SO much more.  Not to mention a “shop” will be added to the jvw home site, for online ordering of decor.   Oh, and one thing we’re so pumped about, are the custom porch swing/day beds we’ll be adding.  Here’s one I custom designed for a client a few years ago, and we’ll have similar ones.

We’ll have a sample hanging at the cabin in November and take custom orders at any time.
We’ll also have a bunch of all weather fabrics to choose from to truly customize your swing.  Did I mention we ship all over the USA?  Yep, so stay tuned for more news on those swings!

We’ll also have bedding in varying price points since our area really doesn’t have alot of good bedding options:

Carry fun lines such as the colorful yet classic Dash and Albert rugs:

And also carry “on trend” lighting, furniture, etc  at designer prices, such as this light from Gabby Home:

Trust me, treat yourself and eye Gabby’s site  for design candy!  You’ll want to redo all your rooms :).

You’ve seen only a small fraction of what we’ll have to show  you at the cabin, so you can see why we’re excited.

Ok, yall now hold me accountable to show up , and write that blog post next week.  I’m excited to share more updates, and projects that Andrea and I are working on.  Until then, make it a great week and never stop believing in your dream.


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