Nesting Instincts

Today is a rare day in Austin , Texas. We’re are getting loads of snow falling from the sky….it is absolutely beautiful! A great day to “nest” and write another post. I’m still wanting to share photos soon of the two design projects I’m working on, but those will come later. Today I was inspired to write about a new treasured gift in my house. My sweet sister-in-law Sarah just gave me the most adorable birthday gift this week; an art set of a precious vintage bird & eggs renderings, mounted on faux bois:
My “nesting instinct” today is to share all things great about beautiful bird and nest art. I guess I’m a little obsessed with the bird and nest thing right now, like alot of people are, right? I recently added the bird and robin’s nest to my design logo. But I’ve always loved them…..we have lots of birdhouses and feeders outside because of our love for the little ones. Living in the hills of Austin, we have an abundance of so many varieties.
Also, when I visited with Sarah last week, we talked about the ETSY site. Sarah, like many others I know, wasn’t familiar with this amazing site.
So, again I’d love to share more of what ETSY has to offer, and today I’m sharing things with the bird & nest theme:

A print of an original painting, from Lucia Johnson :

Vinyl wall art by Simple Shapes :
Sweet note cards by Creative Visions:

Love the turquoise blue color of these eggs…..these are going to make a nice centerpiece for my little Easter bunnies! Paper mache primitive robins eggs , The Broken House:
Pics don’t do this justice….but it is absolutely beautiful, quiet and serene with the snow falling……by the end of the day this will be more white…..time to go enjoy it… Austin you appreciate the few days of snow you ever get!
Love, from the nest,

4 thoughts on “Nesting Instincts”

  1. Jeanne,
    Thanks so much for checking out my blog today!
    The photo is actually of the bar area. The bar cabinets are really more of a taupe/flax color, and are Restoration Hardware's Cappuccino, part of their Flax Paint Collection.
    A great paint color for the bar, but also wonderful in a man's Study for the cabinets and trim, or a boy's room/bathroom as the trim or cabinet paint. I've also used this same paint color for the walls with a crisp clean white trim.
    Thanks again for stopping by….
    have a great day!

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