Here’s some GREAT new stuff from 1st Dibs today that I would LOVE to have…..but I can’t , but maybe you can?!………………

Belgian table from antique beams
with new zinc top
$ 4,800
from BROWN

For more info on the wonderful BROWN store, check out Joni’s
Cote de Texas

Vintage 1940-50’s metal dental cabinet with opaline top.
Ships directly from France,
via 1st Dibs
$ 2,970

LOVE the urban industrial feel of this piece….could be great for sooo many uses……..very cool in a large bath, dressing room, etc….

19th Century bench
with wonderful patina,
ships from France
$ 1,650
1st Dibs

LOVE this pair of matching lamps
from the south of France, 18th century or later.
$ 6,500
Maison Maison

19th century processional lantern
$ 650
Chateau Domingue

…wouldn’t this be so wonderful & spiritual in the right place in your home?

This beautiful new table is not on
1st Dibs, but I just received an email from The Elysee Collection
showcasing this wonderful piece.
Hard to see the detail in this pic, but Elysee uses a wonderful paint technique on their furniture to create beautiful,unique & durable finishes.
Comes in various sizes/prices.
Rustic , refined & gracious.
Would make an impressive statement in a foyer or library with books piled on top….
or wonderful in the dining room, available in
many large sizes to accomodate your feasts during
the holidays.

There are always great reproductions of some of the above antiques. If you know of any great repros at lower prices, then please share!
Would love your input!
Have a great Monday and make it a great week!

2 thoughts on “MONDAY DIBS!”

  1. Thanks so much for your visit to hill country house! I have been traveling and am trying to catch up – I hope to post on my blog this week. I can't even begin to post as regularly as some do. Your blog is great! I wish I knew of a good group shop for you. I agree, Fbg. is too far for you. Sometimes I think about having a space somewhere in Austin or SA, but the reality is, it is just not easy to run back and forth very often, and to maintain a space you need to be able to get there and fluff regularly!I will add you to my list of favorites and check back with you!

  2. Thx so much for the sweet reply! I agree on the fluffin' thing….it's so hard for me to get down to Rockport to fluff that space….so, I've just got to find something closer….I have, but everything here is pricey….so, I'll keep searching for that right spot!
    Deja Vu in FBG is wanting another vendor in here space, FYI….but again too far & too much per mth , for what I need…
    If you have time,I'd LOVE for you to be a "follower"! I have friends that will read it from time to time, and then most forget to click on the "followers" button, or don't understand what a "follower" is…. So, I'm recruiting now…..think I should do a giveaway?? Someone mentioned that , and I could do the Anthropologie gift card (weren't u the one that did that??) or give away a McBeth bucket?? Thoughts! Fun to have a fellow blogger in the same state!!
    All the best & let's keep in touch,

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