Jeanette Forney Van Wicklen

Interior Designer

Since 2000, I've been an Interior Designer, just outside of Austin in Spicewood, Texas.   Native Texan with roots back to the Alamo, but got my degree at the University of Oklahoma originally in Fashion Merchandising.  Back in 2000, I became a Certified Interior Decorator after realizing that I loved all forms of design, but mostly interiors!

 I primarily do E-Design these days but I continue to take  a limited amount of  "in home" consultations.    I'm crazy about so many styles, but I always stay true to the classics, mixing  in a bit of modern + vintage soul.   My job is truly my passion and I enjoy making clients love their homes!

I believe your home should always be your sanctuary.   My job is to figure out what you & your family love and how to make your home uniquely yours.    I want you to love being at your home and surround you in furnishings that suit your budget and bring you joy.    A great home also has to be welcoming, uncluttered,  comfortable and have a cohesive flow to be  peaceful.  Together, I will show you how to achieve this feeling.

Furnishing vacation rental homes for clients is also one of my favorite projects!   I've owned and operated several VRBO's, so I have the experience to help my clients furnish their places and get the most out of their investment.  Lately I've been designing B & B interiors in the  Austin areas, Fredericksburg area & Colorado, but happy to help you wherever you are located!   E-Design works beautifully when furnishing a vacation rental.  I send my clients a full design board online with shoppable links.  They shop from the convenience of their computer and all furnishings are drop shipped directly to them.  Makes for a fast set up after they close on their properties!

Married to the South Austin Dentist, and together we have moved & redone many houses. 

Spending time with family, friends and our pets brings me the most joy in life.  Hosting dinners or gatherings at our home is always alot of fun with good music and food where everyone in our family loves to cook.  

Proud Mom of 3 adult kids and "GiGi" to a 10 1/2 yr old Grandson and a newborn precious Grandson (born in April 2023)! 

 In 2022, we lost our sweet Labrador boy named Cooper and our sweet, adopted girl,  Golden Retriever named  Scout (pictured below).   We recently adopted Dolly, a sweet Mini Bernedoodle (you can read more about her on my Instagram page & I'll post her pic here soon).    


Lauren Brantley

I'm a passionate, service-oriented, and tech-savvy Interior Designer! I works from home office thanks to a great, supportive husband and my little design assistant, my daughter. When I'm not working, I'm usually watching a movie or dancing with my little girl!
I hold a Bachelors Degree in Interior Design, a Master's Degree in Visual Communication Design, and I'm in the process of completing a PhD in Strategic Media. I have 4 years of experience working with the top edesign platforms in managerial positions, managing over 100 clients at a time. Since I was a little girl I dreamed of being a designer and now I'm living that dream! My first introduction to 3D design was when I was 15 years old, my parents bought me a Chief Architecture Home Designer...well the rest is history. Interior Design and Visual communication are my passions!

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