• sketch an outline border floor plan of the room, including doors, windows, etc.
  • if you're more skilled and know how to do detailed computer drawings, awesome! However, rough, sketches are just as great.


  • Measure the length of the walls, doorways.
  • Measure windows:
    1. measure each width/height of the window, including the measurement (width) of any trim around the window.
    2. measure the floor baseboard trim
    3. measure the distance between the lower trim of the window and the baseboard
  • ¬†Measure the ceiling ht and any pitches you may have in the ceiling. (no worries if your measuring tape doesn't go as high as the pitch of the ceiling, we will direct you on how to guess this part

Builders Blueprints or Realtors' Floor Plans

  • most of these provide excellent and adequate measurements (please email those first....if we have additional questions about a measurement, we'll always be in email communication with you)

Realtors' Virtual Tours

These are also excellent to give us a feel for your spaces. If you don't have a recent virtual tour, then feel free to send an Iphone video walking us through the room and showing us areas around it. We want your space to flow cohesively from one room to another. So, providing us a view into surrounding other rooms or hallways, does help the design process!


  • standing back at each wall, take photos of each opposite wall
  • take photos in good daylight with all the lights on
  • hold your Iphone vertically
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