Master Bathroom Sneak Peek

I was feeling guilty that I haven’t written a post in a long time. All of my design projects (personal or for clients) are in the “almost finished” mode .
For now, I thought I’d share a sneak peek into our new master bath.
Betsey, the cat, is welcoming you in! (my daughter named her after Betsey Johnson)

I was so glad that I took the advice from Kelley from The Polished Pebble on choosing the bathtub. I had previously thought I wanted a romantic , modern , freestanding tub because of the age of our house. (Our house was built in the 1800’s.) Kelley recommended a regular built-in whirlpool tub for the soaking factor. We are so glad we thought about her advice because we installed a white whirlpool tub & have used it almost every night! Love it!
We would’ve preferred for the fireplace to not be so black, but we were limited on our color choices because it’s a direct vent fireplace. (doesn’t require a chimney, yet produces beautiful heat producing flames) However, we love, love this fireplace cuz it’s the perfect ambience & temperature to turn it on, even if it’s during our Spring weather! And we love it because it turns on with the flick of a switch…instant romance or relaxation!
You’ll notice that we’re still waiting on custom window treatments, because we have our temporary pleated paper ones in the pics! (hey those are a great invention I treasure with each project!)

The wall of windows used to be the exterior wall of the master bedroom.
We busted through the wall and added the master bath addition. We’re having a door made for this entry way, another item I’ll feature later. Originally the shutters were hung inside the master bedroom. We retro fitted the shutters to now be on the bathroom side for privacy.

We love being at the Texas coast and recently sold our beachhouse there. We wanted to capture the way our beachhouse felt by making our new bathroom similar to the one down at the coast. White wood walls, wood ceiling, natural pine floors, shades of seafoam & turquoise greens.
The turquoise green door leads into the potty room…a white French curtain panel will be installed on the door, but with just enough height for privacy, allowing the light to come in the room. The cabinet above used to be the top piece to the green vanity we used in the room. Both pieces used to be in our breakfast room as a buffet with hutch above , but now the bottom piece turned into the bathroom vanity, with raised white vessel sinks.
The mirror below was also a Swedish pine antique mirror. My husband refinished it with this turquoise green paint.
The top piece of this cabinet (below) was actually flipped upside down and we had our carpenter make the countertop out of pine & painted to match the original finish.
The hanging hooks with our initials are from Anthropologie.

In the photos above, we didn’t have the potty room door knobs installed. Here’s an updated photo of the knobs now installed. I originally bought the porcelain knobs a few years back from Anthropologie. I love them because they’re reproductions from old hotels. We’ve used them for coat and towel hooks in other houses. They aren’t “working” doorknobs, so we have a latch on the interior side to lock the door for privacy. Our sweet contractor, Julio, mounted them just a tad high. One of those design details that just happen when you’re not on the job watching as they install. We verbally discussed where the knobs would be mounted, but I made the mistake of not marking with a pencil, the spot! And this happened with the toilet paper holder also. No one would even really notice the height mistake, it will be fine & it’s not worth fixing. But it’s just another reminder in design, that if you can’t be there when they’re installing, then mark the spot on the walls!
Here’s the interior side of the door, showing the Paris knob:

Remember my older post when I had the dilemma of choosing the light for over the tub?! Well, I finally chose this pendant light from Maura Daniel.
A simple white linen shade with a beautiful crystal base. We still need to add a dimmer & the “silver bowl” type light bulb. A silver bowl light bulb is highly recommended for any pendant light when the shade is open at the bottom. The bulb reduces the glare the light casts.
You can customize your lighting at Maura Daniel by choosing your base, and then add your style of shade.

I had my upholsterer create a pleated slipcover for my round ottoman, in a white matelasse fabric. (fabric is Oyster from Greenhouse Fabrics)

Originally, I had read this post on Hooked On Houses, about Sally Field’s Malibu bathroom. I loved the feel of her bathroom, but also the ottoman in the center of the room……this pic below was the inspiration for my slipcovered ottoman:
Window treatments & the door leading into the bathroom will be finished soon, etc. & I’ll share more photos when it’s complete. I need to work on the lighting of my camera too. The bathroom tiles look more seafoam green, but in person there are various shades of greens and turquoise.

I’m hoping to finish other client design projects soon, so that I can share some more ideas with you.
Hope you’ll stay tuned!

Have a wonderful Sunday & all the best in your new week ahead!

9 thoughts on “Master Bathroom Sneak Peek”

  1. Julia you are crackin' me up! Love it!
    Our original master bathroom was a small bathroom and we've used it now for 3 yrs….it was funny at first, getting used to the new, larger space! I think we loved our small & cozy original bathroom more than we realized! The original master bathroom is about to turn into our son's bathroom via his new bedroom wall….but that's another post, another day!
    All the best….and thanks for the sweet comment….

  2. Of all the designers I've studied, you are by far my favorite. I am amazed at your talent and creativity. Bravo on the stunning bathroom!

  3. So amazing Jeanette! I honestly don't remember our bathtub conversation but your choices are spot on perfect for your house. I really liked the idea of splitting up the hutch and using both pieces. Thanks so much for sharing and we miss your posts! Keep 'em coming can't wait to see more. xo kelley

  4. Hi Kelley!
    well..i think it was you (on the tub convo!)
    I had , for a brief time, thought of a freestanding type tub, even love the silver one like Brooke has on Velvet and Linen. The tub was out of my budget, but we decided on a "drop in" tub instead and we're SO pleased with it…and honestly, it's one of the lesser priced ones from Lowe's and it's one of the best tubs we've ever installed!
    Thanks for your sweet comments as always…I'm still dreaming about that boat yall were on….I guess we're kinda close to Calif livin' in Austin….but your gardens, homes….oh so beautiful!!

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