The “Loo” is a British slang term for the water closet, lavatory, toilet or basically the bathroom.

I’m finally sharing pictures of Luke’s Loo. Remember Luke’s bedroom & notice that mirror on the left?

The entry to Luke’s Loo is just to the left of that mirror above.

Ok, so here’s where you enter Luke’s new Loo from his bedroom, and now notice the placement change of the mirror?

If you’ve been following my blog awhile, you’ll remember this wall used to be the back of our house (a home built in the 1800’s) and windows used to be in this spot. Once we had to bust out the old windows, we realized we needed to find old vintage wood to repair the area or come up with something creative to fill in the void.
Finding vintage wood to match the wall exactly was challenging. Therefore we decided to move his mirror from the old spot & permanently hang the mirror directly to the vintage wall and frame around it. The mirror and white trim made up for our vintage wood challenge. The previous placement of the mirror wouldn’t have looked right in that old spot because you’ll see that now the bathroom barn door swings out onto that wall.
Also notice we added two open transom windows for extra natural light. I always like to add transoms when you need additional light flooding into a room.

Luke’s bathroom at one time was the master bathroom of our home. When it was the master bathroom, we had a bathtub in there , which you can barely see at the bottom of this older photo:
Notice Luke’s room in the mirror view? For awhile Luke had to step into this old window, over the tub, to get into his bathroom. We had just added our new master bathroom onto our master bedroom. We closed the doorway that led into our bedroom from this bathroom by adding a mirror in that spot:

Also, notice the formica black and white tiles of that old bathroom picture?
You’ll see later that we removed the tiles to expose the charming wood floors hidden underneath, original to the house. Although I liked those black and white tiles too.

Mark, our truly talented Carpenter, created this cool barn door leading into the new Loo from Luke’s room:

He also created the rolling barn door in the picture here:
Here’s the exposed original 1800’s wood floors. I just love their charm.

It’s truly hard to capture the shower side of the bathroom in a photogenic way. In person I love the look: simple & classic. White subway tiles on a large shower with shiny chrome fixtures and a transom above. (lighting was off that day)
Our original thought was to have a frameless glass shower enclosure because they look so good. For two reasons we decided a spa shower curtain was the answer instead:
1) more economical
2) boys don’t always wipe down showers when finished!
In our area, it’s best to wipe down your shower doors each time to keep it spot free.

Luke’s Loo is a small bathroom. To enlarge the space, using the white tiles and mirrors opens up the look. We put a full length trimmed mirror on both ends of the bathroom. You can create your own custom size mirrors by just getting trim at Lowe’s and framing out the mirror.But my picture just isn’t doing the poor shower justice. Sorry for the poor lighting/photography above.

Thank heavens, Paul Finkel captured the rest of the renovated Loo in his professional and beautiful picture here:

I’m headed to the Marburger/Round Top Antique festivals this week. I’ll be sure to take photos for you.
Are you headed out there this week?
If not, it’s worth a trip out to Texas one season for this really fun antiques event.

Have a beautiful day,


p.s. remember you can always click on any photo to enlarge.

Images via Paul Finkel, Katie Clementson & jvw home

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  1. Thx Sherry!
    I'm hoping our carpenter will create some fun rustic wide louver shutter cabinet doors (possibly out of weathered reclaimed wood) in our future family room. We have a great time creating new ideas with him.
    Keep ya posted on the new house and those cabinets!

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