Lighting Deals

Recently I spotted some great lighting buys.
Check out these comparisons:

Shades of Light pendant $ 259.00

Lowe’s pendant, $ 118.00

Shades of Light vanity sconce, $ 119.00

Lowe’s vanity sconce, $ 54.00

Shades of Light sconce, $ 198.00:

Lowe’s sconce, $ 39.00

I prefer the Shades of Light lighting because I’ve always loved their quality. Their lighting always looks even better in person. Plus Shades of Light gives you finish options in all their lighting. But, when you’re on a budget and have to scrimp, then Lowe’s has some great alternatives.

I had to share a fixture that Shades of Light recently introduced. It’s too cute and comes in verde or a light distressed cream,
Adorable birds in a cage, $ 119.00

And another great buy today, the burlap pendant from Shades of Light, on sale for $ 39!

Can you believe it’s December 1? A few furry photos to start the December dance:Bergdorf Goodman’s 2012 window

Make it a great day,

All images via Van Wicklen Design, Shades of Light, Habitually Chic, Slim Paley, Inspired Design

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  1. Those birds in a cage are really cute!!!
    Hope you are doing well!! It has been forever!!
    I need your new address so I can send you a Christmas card!!

    🙂 xoxo

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