Learning to Love Home Again (and blogging)

Feels great to be back, finally, writing on this blog again.  I mean seriously, last time I wrote was in January?   I have it on my calendar now to send you some design inspo every week from now on.
Whether I strum it up from my own home,
 my clients or share another designer that inspires me, etc..Yes, I solemnly agree to start this thing we call blogging all up again!  Send me a cattle prod in the A on Instagram if for some reason I don’t own up to this statement, ok yall?
Most of my Instagram followers know the journey our family has been on since about the Spring.  We got caught up in this frenzy thinking we needed to move closer into the city because we’re on the outskirts of Austin in Spicewood, Tx..  With prices escalating the closer in, we had to change our search area, fast.  One day a charming Santa Barbara/Spanish style home came on the market in our own neighborhood.

We almost bought this precious home and had so many creative ideas!  Fast forward for many reasons, we came to Jesus on our thinking, literally.  Interest rates had already started their rise and it just seemed crazy to spend alot of money on a remodel, live in a lease house for probably half a year (minimum) and end up with a smaller home with a larger interest rate and IN our same neighborhood?  Why not just stay home, do the things we always wanted to do on it? Duh!
So we bailed and decided to stay and love on our current place.  First things first.  We always wanted more privacy in our backyard and even the front.

Not that we don’t love our neighbors. We do… super kind people.  However, we had moved here from 5 acres that were totally private.  Plus my husband and I both work with people every day and want that solitude when we go home.  Our home and our backyard has always been our haven, our sanctuary.  
When we bought this Agave Custom Homes spec home, we had to clear part of the lot for the pool/barn area.  We used our own subcontractors and they accidentally plowed down a large tree that helped with privacy.  Fast forward, we’ll be adding a pool cabana at the far end of the pool to give us that privacy again.

Here’s our inspiration pic for the design we’ll create:

We recently added a staircase from the upper balcony that will lead to the cabana better too.  The only staircase to the back was from the screened in porch.  (you can eye our staircase project on Instagram)

Anyways, as you know we move alot and always up for a new canvas ( a new home).  
However, right now, we’ve got that peaceful feeling of “thank God we stayed” and listened to His direction in the end.  God always knows what’s right if we trust him.  We don’t always get our answers right away.  When we do see His goodness and His answer, it’s a great confirmation and I like to call it a “hug with His love”.  A peaceful, easy feeling.    
Right after we made the decision to stay, we had to move not only our son from his apt. to another college apt, but then also helped my Mom move some of her things out of her house.  All in the August brutal 100+ heat days.  
With that little taste/reminder of what moving involves, we thought, “how in the H-e-l-l, could we also have moved out of this whole house this year.  What were we thinking?”  
God also gives us those times in our life as lessons.  Lessons learned:  It’s good to just stay here, be grateful for this home and just start personalizing our “modern farmhouse” more than we had already done.
Sometimes we want everything else that’s out there and lose sight of the goodness of what we have at our own homes.  
I hope I inspire you today, to look at your own home.  If it’s a good financial fit for you, a good locale, then just love on it more!  Everything can be made cuter or larger.  
Don’t know where to start?  Call me and I’ll help you redesign it. Or start perusing Pinterest and get your inspiration going to make your home comfortable and uniquely you.
Lots of love,

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