Here’s the final reveal of the Lakeway custom home we decorated. I encourage you to click on the photos to enlarge and see why we took certain pictures. Like take this picture below for instance.  When a client is thinking about paint in a certain room they wonder what to paint the ceiling.  Alot of times we’ll use an accent color or a lighter shade of the wall paint.  And some times you just take a cue from the “feeling” of a room.  This room, the Entry, just felt like it needed a plain white ceiling.  But we kept the beams stained in the rich black brown.

Our clients were on a beach vacation while we styled the home and took pictures.  We started early in the day, then realized we didn’t have enough accessories, rugs, etc… then we broke up our day by going back into the stores and gathering more fun stuff.By the time we got back and then styled, the lighting was going down outside.

So, you see a mix of bright rooms and a mix of rooms where we had to leave the lights on because we were taking photos into the night!

It’s so hard to see the beautiful grasscloth wallpaper we used in this Powder Room.  But up close it’s one of my favorite grasscloths! The romantic Moroccan lighting in the Powder is gorgeous….hard to capture in pictures.

LOVE river rock always for flooring….comes in different colorways, but this is one of my favorites!

Their cozy patio that overlooks the golf course and the swimming pool…..

“Denim” painted walls in the boys’ bathroom with a beautiful blue mirror.

The kids hangout…complete with tv, games, bean bag chairs, soda and popcorn…

….. fun retro style soda pop!

Wood flooring, carpet, tiles and wallpaper all available through Schroeder Carpet in Austin.

I hope you enjoyed a peek inside this beautiful Lakeway home!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. This is a beautiful reveal! Do you mind sharing the source for those Moroccan pendant lights in the bathroom? They're gorgeous!

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