Labor of Love

Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.
~ Ovid
Enjoy your Labor Day weekend with those you love!


p.s. Hope you’ll stop by the “jvw barn” market for some Labor Day shopping….see top of right column!

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2 thoughts on “Labor of Love”

  1. Beautiful images!

    How nice to "meet" you, thanks so much for the visit.

    And yes, we will absolutely have to get together sometime soon, that would be fun.

    Oh, and by new homestead, I'm talking about our home, not the store. Homestead is still the same old, fabulous Homestead store!

  2. Thanks Anne for stopping by and nice to meet you too!
    I'll let you and the other Ann (Hill Country House) know when we get to Fredericksburg again! I need to stop in Spruce for some of those cute velvet pumpkins!

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