I recently discovered Jayson Home & Garden’s website. They carry a variety of modern & vintage furnishings along with garden accessories.

Although they carry many traditional and modern sofas, the Suzani & linen sofa above truly caught my eye. Their website carries alot of great finds that you should check out. I’ve assembled a small sampling of some fun stuff for you to see.

Variety of chairs:

Lots of trays for serving or hanging on the wall; like this decoupaged glass tray:
Art, such as this framed handmade chair series ,created with vintage books.

Many different baskets.
I love this rectangular zinc and willow planter:

Vintage French grape basket:They also carry a large selection of garden pots. In Austin we can find colorful pots everywhere, but I know some towns can’t locate them easily. Thought you’d love to know this resource because they’ll ship pottery. Here’s a good lookin’ selection of turquoise pots:
Happy shopping! If you ever decorate with any items I feature, send me a photo! I’d love to know if you liked their site too. Visit Jayson Home & Garden by clicking HERE.

I have some fun news to share in my next post soon. Hope you’ll check back!

Until then, have a beautiful day,


2 thoughts on “JAYSON HOME & GARDEN”

  1. I just found your blog and I am your newest follower.
    I am looking forward to looking through more of your old posts. I love the redo on the Molly's chairs…beautiful!!

  2. Welcome Ashlyn!
    Thanks so much for the very nice comments. I had alot of fun with Molly's chairs and I'm thrilled you like them too.

    I hope I can master cute details on my blog like your blog..still trying to master Photoshop…but never enough hours in my day lately!xoxo

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