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January is always full of the new isn’t it?   Well, I finally got around to updating my website with a new look.  We made a few changes & additions.  We’re still working on adding and editing, but it’s almost done , well for now.  Design websites are hard to keep up with….you work on alot of projects or ideas throughout the year, but it’s hard to find the time to work on the updates.   My web guru/designer Natalie of Modern Sugar has amazing patience with me & has always been so awesome to work with.  Lord knows I’ve changed my designs, edits a hundred times!

Plus at the same time over the past few months, I’ve been working with MDPM on updating my husband’s dental website. The team at this company rocks ….they too have patiently worked with my husband & I over a ton of edits/additions…it’s a process, but we’re almost there, woohoo!
I’ll be sharing his new logo and website soon…..can’t wait because it will be so much easier to navigate with fun pictures and with modern, fun colors.  Should make scheduling a dental visit, hopefully a little bit more fun?!

I’ll also be opening a small booth space within an antique mall in Marble Falls, Texas  on February 1st.  When I get the space set up I’ll be sure to post some pics and give you the details on the locale, etc..  It will be a place that sells a mix of antiques with new pieces, so I’m excited to have the carte blanche to mix it up. Alot of antique malls have restrictions on their vendors selling 100% antiques in a space.  I prefer mixing aged pieces that have a great patina & character  with fun modern pieces & fresh, modern fabrics.  So, it will be fun to play with my own space again.  Some of my earlier “followers” know that I used to have this “shabby beachy” booth down at the Texas coast in Rockport:

 The future booth won’t be all pastel but it will have some, mixed with other tones.  Of course some turquoise , white & “greige” finishes, and who knows what else?  I’ll be scouring Texas antique markets, thrift stores, garages, trade resources  and my own design studio for a mixed bag of stuff.    What kind of stuff?  Furniture, lighting, accessories, soft goods, etc.

 Honestly, my FAVE part of being a decorator is to style the room.  Having a retail space again, allows me the opportunity to gather a few of my fave pieces I’d use to style a room and in turn, hope to inspire you to try in your home.

So, please stay tuned ….I’ll announce the store name & their contact info once I get everything up and going!

All the best ,

2 thoughts on “January News”

  1. thx Kris…you're so sweet!

    i had to laugh earlier cuz i got an "unsubscriber"…when that happens you wonder what it was in your post that makes them do so….thought it's either the website look they didn't like at all, or the funky antique booth i used to have lol….
    can't wait to see what you'll do with your site!

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