Inspiration from the VW farm….


 Today was one of those mornings where I knew I had to capture the moment.  I adore weekends on the farm when we can just chill on the front porch, still in our p.j’s   &  take our time enjoying the coffee.  

Actually this morning I had hoped to share some  pictures of the “bounty” we found on our recent trip to Round Top/Warrenton/Marburger.  Thursday I took my two clients Beth & Misty (Patterson , Lakeway projects) and we bought more fun stuff for their homes.  I sat down at my computer this morning to download those pics,  and realized  I did NOT have my memory card in the camera. Ughh!  Have you ever done that??
  I did take some pics with my Iphone, such as this fun moment at the Junk Gypsies booth:

  and inside the Carolyn Westbrook Home barn:


I realized again how timeless and classic Carolyn’s linen  bedding line is….she’s  always one of my fave vendors to see every year at the antique fair.

So after my coffee today, I remembered a book I had bought from Carolyn on Thursday.  It’s the second book she’s written called


Full of great inspiration and of course her beautiful linens.   I loved reading about her life on her farm in Texas too. 
If you’d like to read more about her lovely book, you can check it out on Amazon  HERE

The whole Round Top experience is all about coming away with inspiration.  I always tell people that even if you don’t have a need for anything else in your home, just go to the antiques week to get some free, fresh inspiration!   There are so many creative vendors there showcasing great ideas. What did I come away with this year?
Well, one thing was a reminder on how simple things in your home can showcase your jewelry and keep it organized.  I’ve always used vintage old pieces to house my jewelery, but I never thought about taking a teapot and hanging some earrings on the side.
  I took a great pic of a lady’s booth, where she had jewelery all showcased on various silver pieces.  Well, since that photo didn’t get onto the computer, I thought I’d recreate what she did, so that you too can be inspired.
Whether you have a beautiful silver teapot, mint julep cup, coasters,  or a silver bowl, you can arrange &  store your jewelery like this:

 Did you go to Round Top this year?  If so, how were you inspired?

Have a great weekend and we’ll chat again next week my loves!


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  1. I've never been to Round Top – would love to go. It sounds like there is something for everyone. Thanks for sharing the jewelry idea – I'm running out of space in my jewelry box and this is such a creative solution!

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