In Search of Coastal Living!

   I’m off for awhile to enjoy some coastal time with my family on the Emerald Coast of Florida.  Looking forward to also taking lots of pictures like the ones above to inspire you with coastal design.

I hope to stop by Tracery Interiors store while there.   I’m a huge fan of their design, and their work inspires alot of the decorating  I do in Austin.  Here’s an example of their work:

Thanks to my clients who have been so patient with me lately.  I’ve been under “house arrest” having to be home with workers while the demolition in our house was done. (see old post for explanation)    3 new clients knew that I couldn’t run around town and work while I had workers here.  So, we worked on design via the computer and texts.  I’ll show you some of the completed projects later on.  But I just wanted to thank them for allowing me to work while being home!
Our house is still a construction zone and so we’re all happy to get outa here for awhile, while a great house sitter takes care of the abode! 

Off to white sands, much needed relaxation,  and our  favorite way of  living….coastal living!


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