Growing up in San Antonio, we looked forward to this time of the year when the rodeo was about to come to town.  Thinking of the rodeo again, made me realize I should write a post about all our cowhide decorating around here.   And growing up in Texas, there was a saying  “I’ll have your hide”!  Which basically meant you were in trouble!

  Down here in the South  we’ve always loved cowhides and how they can play into the decor of any city slicker home or Texas  ranch, and that was way before they were  cool and all over the design  blogs.  For awhile though, like any fashion or design can do, I got tired of them.  So for years some of my cowhides went back into storage.  In the last couple of years I started loving them again and they’ve made their way into my rooms.

  Cowhides are truly a design statement as rugs.  And you either love them or you don’t.

(click on ANY photo to enlarge them for better viewing)

I would love to own an all white one.

  Awww, yes.  I love this one below,  and that wall color:


 Definitely a city slicker girl here:

Cowhides add texture , a visual boost,  and are soft on the feet.  And they’re forgiving of pet hair!   From storage, our black and white cowhide  found it’s home under our breakfast table. 

  I’ve had this cowhide pillow since Billy’s “cowboy room” days & recently pulled it out of storage too:

Our brown and white cowhide fits great in the Study:

I actually have the large one on the floor of the Study,  and a small one for an accent on the credenza.

 Now, if you’re not a fan of the “organic” shape of all the cowhides I’ve shown you so far, then what about if you could have  your cowhide in a square cut or a round rug, or even a custom size rug?
 The very talented ,  Kyle Bunting  of Austin creates AMAZING rugs,  laser cut from cowhides in any shape & color your little heart desires. If you’ve never seen his work, then please take the time to check out his website.  The designs are gorgeous and in the most beautiful  patterns and colors.
Here’s a few examples of Kyle Bunting’s work:

Kyle’s company not only creates rugs, but they also create cowhide upholstered walls:

Are you excited about Kyle’s work as much as I am??!  Good news too.  Kyle’s having a sample sale, and it officially ends Friday, Feb 3rd.  Here’s a few samples on sale:

Be sure to check out all the other cowhides  on sale by going to their website HERE.   Kyle Bunting is only available to the Trade.
If you’re interested in purchasing any of his cowhides or samples,  you can contact me directly  for pricing  & ordering  HERE.

How about you?  Will you have a hide?    Like I said, people either loooove cowhides or you just don’t.

I tend to love em!
   Yeehaaaa with a modern twist!

All the best,

(images via Pinterest, Kyle Bunting, My Little Happy Place,  and Van Wicklen Design)

7 thoughts on “I’LL HAVE YOUR HIDE”

  1. A cowhide rug is definitely on my wishlist. Hope they're still in style a couple of years from now when I plan to replace all of my carpeting with hardwoods!

  2. HI Suzy!

    They should be around in 2 yrs…I'd say Kyle's style of rugs will always be….he makes them in any shape/style/colors…..
    just love what you're doing with your beach condo….

  3. I love your blog! The cowhide wall panels behind the bed are fabulous!

    Thank you for sharing!

    Dorothy Durbin, Interior Designer, ASID
    Washington D.C.

  4. Hi Dorothy!
    I agree……so glad you noticed that pic too. I think it's a FAB idea for a room!!
    Hope you're having a great holiday wknd and I appreciate your comments….

  5. I love your blog! The cowhide wall panels behind the bed are fabulous!

    Thank you for sharing!

    Dorothy Durbin, Interior Designer, ASID
    Washington D.C.

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