When we outfit a home, we love to utilize every square inch.  So when we purchased our “spec” home a couple of years ago, we just had to add storage wherever there was a blank area.   I’ve always had a huge china cabinet in any of the last houses we’ve had.  When we moved into this home, I didn’t have it because we sold our last one with the last house.  For months, our china sat in storage along with a ton of glassware, table linens, etc..  
Sometimes it takes awhile to settle into a new home to figure out what to do with extra things you have.  The only spot we could think of was under the staircase because at the time we only used it for the vacuum and an overflow of wine.  
We had our carpenter Santos create a great china/glass area under the staircase, so that it would also be close to the Dining Room table (it’s hiding behind the wingback on the right).

And here’s the close up (ignore the styling….this was just after Christmas and I was in a hurry):
Anyways, I thought yall would love to be inspired with other creative ways you can utilize this space under your stairs.  I gathered a few ideas from Pinterest here:

Next blog post I’ll share what we’re working on this week to finish out the area under the stairs.  Here’s where I’ll store more glassware, table linens, etc.   Stay tuned.  Hope you’re having a great 2018.
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But if you’re reading this far, then I so appreciate your loyal support.



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