My friend Rene from Bargain Hoot blog recently featured some owl ornaments. ( Be sure to check out her blog for always fab tips, great craft tutorials & bargains)
Anyhoo, her post reminded me of some owl pillows I discovered while researching the ETSY site for my own ETSY store. (I’m slowly getting some pillows added to the Etsy shop . The fabrics for the pet beds just arrived, so those will go into production soon!)
But, I wanted to share the owl pillows I discovered on the ETSY site & all things hooty:

The first two pics are adorable owl pillows made of soft chenille and modern fabrics from BWINKS :

They are absolutely cute hoots!! They have that Anthropologie meets Dwell Studio look.

The next hoot cute cushion is from Manic Muffin:

Found this beautiful owl wallpaper …
Click on the image to enlarge the photo because the detail in this Anthropologie wallpaper is really beautiful. If you can’t open it larger, then go to their website and you can magnify it. :Adorable Anthropologie ornament for an ornament exchange party:

I actually found a cute owl ornament from Crate & Barrel below that I’ll be taking to an ornament exchange party this week. I noticed it’s now on sale online. It’s cuter in person with a sprinkling of pink glitter on it:
Heart stop door stopper from Anthropologie:

Hootin’ dishtowel, Anthropologie:
Double iron switchplate, singles available too, Anthropologie:Owl wall hook, Anthropologie:

Owl apron, Anthropologie:If you give a hoot:
We rescued a baby owlet a few years ago & safely gave it to it’s Mama owl , just in our backyard. Steven noticed a baby owl nest, just off my daughter’s balcony. Our outdoor cats’ bowls were just a flight below. For the owlet’s safety, Steven devised a net that hung just under the nest, so that IF the owelets fell out, that they’d be safe and not fall down to the cats! One day we found an owelet in that net! Steven safely got him out and then we could hear the Mama owl calling for her baby, from a tree close by! She was watching out for her baby. Steven safely took the owl back to it’s nest and the mama came back to get her. Ever since I held that baby owelet, swaddled in a lil blanket, they are super special to me. Have you ever seen one up close? They’re absolutely precious & beautiful.

Hope you enjoyed the Christmas hoots!


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2 thoughts on “HOOTS!”

  1. Jeanette…you are such a sweetie!!! Thank you sooo much for the HOOT!! I've missed coming to see you these past few days!! I LOVE all those cutie owls!!

  2. Rene! I meant to write to you about the hootin'blog!
    I've been on the go and my sis is in town, so I forgot…
    we'll catch up soon…..
    hope you're doing well….loved your Mom's cute door….send more pics!

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