Austin Homes For Sale (ones that have “good bones”)

 Every so often I love to check out the local real estate offerings.   Although it’s great to see a house all decorated and gorgeous, it’s even more eye catching to me when I spot a diamond in the rough:  a home waiting on a makeover or update.
 Each day Austin has alot of new people moving here, so I thought someone moving here might want to see what I’d recommend right now as a good house/investment.  Today I’m showing you a couple of homes under the million mark but on a later  post I’ll share a couple of homes under the $ 500K mark, and so on.  So something for most budgets!
The homes I’ll share with you are ones that need a little work, but not much and just in my opinion , a GREAT property.

The first house I want you to swoon over  is a beautiful Spanish hacienda in the gorgeous west Austin hills of Spanish Oaks.  The neighborhood is within the exemplary school district of Lake Travis,  gated,  an excellent locale and is gorgeous with loads of amenities.   The hacienda for some reason is in foreclosure and recently put on the market.  Yes, it needs some updating/finish out.  But it’s minimal to do and friends this house could be gorgeous!


Imagine the driveway and courtyard with a crushed granite driveway, landscaping  & maybe  a beautiful fountain, similar to the Escondido Southern Living Home courtyard , below:

But back to the Spanish Oaks hacienda…..

love the reclaimed ceilings and the steel  windows….

 the back courtyard could be gorgeous with a  pool, outdoor fireplace & great landscaping:

 and the fireplace needs some help here, but its an ez fix:

To find a home in the Spanish Oaks neighborhood, this size and with this quality finish out, would normally be well over a good million.  In my opinion ,  this home is a great buy and could be so gorgeous finished out and decorated!  Interested?  Read more details by clicking HERE. 

Next up is a Country French home.  The exterior has great curb appeal, very charming.

But the interior is  just too heavy.  The window treatments, the furnishings, the kitchen, the wood stains are all too dark and “heavy”.
Take out the older furnishings, put down light rugs or a seagrass rug. Update with more chic modern furnishings. Change the mantel or the finish, and paint the cabinetry into a lighter French/Swedish look….

 Imagine the staircase painted white, and the banister a black/brown paint with a seagrass runner down the stairs.  The front doors painted black/brown on the inside or a rich dark grey…take off the faux finish of the walls and do a smooth solid white paint….

 Imagine all the heavy wood lightened or painted…new wall paint colors, modern fabrics, and an updated kitchen?  It could be beautiful!  This home is also in a gated , gorgeous neighborhood with the fabulous Lake Travis schools, and  spectacular sunset views of Lake Travis.  Want to see more? For more pictures and details, click  HERE.

I’ve personally bought/sold alot of properties, and   I’ve learned what to invest into a property and what not to waste your money on.  Did you know I’m for hire if you just want a real estate consultation?  Doesn’t have to be just interior decoration!
And did you know my daughter-in-law Bridget  is  a realtor?  If you’re one of the many thousands of people moving here this summer, then please give her a shout.  Bridget’s a native Austinite and is a dedicated & driven real estate professional.  Contact her by clicking HERE.

Remember that time off I needed?  Haha….well, over the weekend I was able to catch up on much needed personal time.  So, let’s just say I’m “open” to new projects , but will just keep my workload ez until the fall.  Will share my other ideas I’ve mentioned , later this Spring!… know me, design is just what I love to do:).

Let me know what you think of these homes, would love to hear from you!

all the best,

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  1. thx Liz and Kris…I had a couple of people unsubscribe after this post…so i was beginning to wonder if i offended anyone or if maybe i shouldnt be giving my opinion on the real estate….so i appreciate your comments!

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