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I meant to share this post  awhile back, but the Thanksgiving holidays kept me very busy.  Hoping you and yours had a beautiful holiday.  
Today and the rest of this month will get hectic.  Therefore, I’m sharing only the highlights of a recent road trip but not alot of commentary here.  So, enjoy the “okay” Iphone pics of these beautiful homes in this story below & forgive the half A written part:
Recently,  on a drive home from San Antonio to Austin, we cut through some back roads of San Marcos and discovered this great community called  Kissing Tree .

 The neighborhood is one of the “55 and over” neighborhoods.  The entire community and the homes are gorgeous, with a ton of amenities.
We walked through several model homes and fell in love with so many of their designs that I wanted to share.  Not only are the home designs brilliant by Brookfield Residential  but also the gorgeous interiors were beautiful.   The designs are brilliant because of the smart use of space and then creating interiors that make the smaller homes look large.    I was a kid in a candy store touring each and every model home.  The design team , Millenium did an amazing job with the interior details and I was so impressed!  Really, the pics don’t do this place justice.  When I look back , the pictures are “ok” but when you’re IN the homes and see and feel the design, the interior design, it’s quite different & beautiful.  Hope  you’ll visit the nice people there.  It’s super laid back, no high pressure sales people! And they have tacos on Sunday….worth a beautiful ride in the hill country and then you can stop over at the San Marcos outlets and do some Christmas shopping! (check their website for their events)  I’m only showing a couple of homes below.  But there were about 7 or 8 model homes.  All unique and fun to tour.

Here I loved the simple but nice button detail on the curtains:

Clever idea to use metal tacks on this wall treatment:

Alot of the homes had no threshold into the shower, so you can easily  walk right in.  It’s a modern look but also as we age, not having to step into a shower is brilliant.  One of my pet peeves in homes is when windows are low, next to a tub that require a window treatment.  Even when you’re young, it’s dangerous to step into the tub to open your window treatment everyday for light!

Wall detail with trim and varying paint:

Ceiling detail:

This home was one of my fave.  I loved how it felt coastal with the light wood deck in the front:
This wall, was just past the deck, before the front door:

Different way to place pendants:

Nice barn door details on the built-ins:

The mirror and shutters make this wall feel really cozy:

Wall treatments:

Recessed bowls in the vanities:

Tile ideas:

Cute window treatment:

Leaving this model home, looking out the front door:

Hope you enjoyed a lil mini tour of this sweet neighborhood.  Oh, and please check out their website.  Honestly, you would not believe all the amenities there!  (and you don’t have to be over 55 to visit the community :))….. go and be inspired by the interiors and the smart home designs.
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