“Hey Mickey, you’re so fine!”

Just returned from our “adventure” . We took our youngest to Walt DisneyWorld (WDW) ! Had an amazing time & although it’s truly a “working” vacation, we’re so glad we made the trek. When I say “working”, I mean that you are up early and moving constantly til the sun goes down. Last time I had been to WDW, was 16 years ago, when I took my 2 older kids there. On this past trip, we spent alot of time in Epcot which we loved. My youngest is about to turn 11, so he appreciates this part of the park as much as we do. Epcot is so amazing because you get to visit so many countries in one park! My personal fave areas are France, Italy and England. Amazing how Disney has recreated all those areas in a park! I HIGHLY advise all readers to go there in January. Last time I went was in March which is also nice, IF you time it before or after Spring Break. (keeping in mind Spring Break schedules vary around the USA)
Most locals there will tell you the best times to go are AFTER New Year’s and before March. The weather was great (luckily we had just missed their freezing temps) and the lines are less crowded during this time. We also had just bought a newly released guide: The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2010 by Bob Sehlinger. The guide was an amazing handbook for information…..very up to date and great advice. The guide tells you where to eat, times that are best, which rides will make you feel too queasy, advice on how to navigate each park, etc.. Highly recommend this book. We ate incredible meals because of this guide….it was invaluable!
I highly recommend also for you to visit the story behind Walt Disney at Hollywood Studios. We watched a short documentary film about his life and it’s a great story. Amazing man with such a gift to us all.

Moi with Luke….having a grand time at the Animal Kingdom.

We met up with my niece , her handsome hub, and her precious boys at the Rain Forest Cafe. (they have an amazing Caesar salad at this cafe!)

Ah Paris! My personal fave……pics don’t do it justice. But Disney has created each country so beautifully and when you’re in each country , you FEEL like you’re truly over in Europe.

If you haven’t been to Disney, it’s definitely a “must see”. Just go the stress-free route and visit on the “off season” and read the book I mentioned.

I’ll be posting more pics of Fish Camp within the week….hope you’ll stay tuned!

All the best,

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