Happy New Year to all!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hope everyone had a great New Year’s eve and you’re feeling good today……we started our day by visiting family in San Antonio. My Mom always has bunuelos at her house during the holidays, so we brought some home for the festive night. Bunuelos are a wonderful pastry, made famous in our area, during the HemisFair ’68 of San Antonio. Bunuelos are found in made in different areas of the world, in varying ways. However, the famous HemisFair bunuelo is our fave because it is very thin and soooo delicious!!!!
A sweet & crispy thin pastry made with loads of sugar & cinnamon.
Limited places in San Antonio sell them, but the most famous place is the Original HemisFair Bunuelos factory. (pictured below)

Since HemisFair, San Antonio always sells them at Christmas and other festive holidays. The factory ran out of bunuelos early this Christmas because they are so popular for Christmas & New Years. (so order early next year!) Central Market in Texas, sells them on a limited basis too. Bunuelos are symbolic of “good luck” and very appropo for the New Year….if you don’t live in my area, I believe the Bunuelo Factory ships them.
We had a great time chillin’ the champagne at home last night. The combo of bunuelos and champagne is always great to keep us up til midnight! Once we hit midnight, we raced outside to shoot our fireworks (cuz we live outside the actual city limits)…..we live in the hills of Austin and it’s always great to look over the hills from our view and watch the spectacle of fireworks on holidays.
Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate my “2009 blog followers” SO much……I hope you’ll continue to keep the blog friendship & I will do my best to write blog posts that will inspire you. I pray that the New Year will be the best for you….I truly believe in positive thinking (and LOADS of prayers!) and so I believe this is going to be a great year! My hope is for you to catch that same positive thinking & 2010 will be the stellar year for you and your family.
All the best,

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  1. Thanks so much PVE for the sweet sentiment! Readers, if you haven't checked out PVE's blog, then please do….you will adore her renderings!!
    And please also check out Lisa Leonard's blog…she creates precious jewelery…great for Valentine's gifts!!

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